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2012 Meteor

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So fire raining from the sky, a 2012 meteor plows into the planet and creates apocalyptic devastation on a scale that of which we have only ever contemplated in our wildest nightmares! Whilst this scenario sounds absurd to some people the potential reality of this 2012 meteor is actually not too far from the truth.

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Are you aware my fellow truth seeker that every year hundreds of Meteor’s enter our solar system, many of which luckily enough cross paths with either one of the other planets in our solar system, or at the very least they are sucked into Jupiter via its enormous gravitational pull, however that may not be the case with the predicted 2012 meteor, and I shall now explain why.

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The 2012 meteor, whether people are calling it Planet X, Nibiru or whatever other names a particular group is calling it could indeed become a reality depending on what part of our solar system it enter through, as I’m sure you know our beloved milky way, and smaller solar system does not simply have a front door for the 2012 meteor to knock on.

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Now before I get into why civilizations such as the Mayan could have accurately predicted a 2012 meteor I first want to elaborate on the just mentioned topic, as well as expand upon some further possibilities, for the mere sake of your own education my dear friend.

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Now I just mentioned how the correct entry point could bring about a 2012 meteor, well whilst I will not pretend to be an astronomer, I do have a very good understanding of the law of probability, and with that simple logic that both yourself and I can easily understand we can begin to calculate that If there are hundreds of Meteor’s that enter our tiny solar system every year from every angle conceivable, that on the law of probability and mathematics alone, some day, it is 100% inevitable that a meteor will enter our solar system and collide with earth it has happened before in our planets history and it will happen again, the question is simply when.

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Now whilst I’m sure some of you reading this right now might have calculated that possibility for yourself (don’t feel bad if you didn’t) have you ever stopped and thought about what the result would be if a Meteor entered our solar system on a collision course with let’s say a planet like mars? Perhaps you haven’t, perhaps you have, either way allows me to dig deeper.

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Our 2012 Meteor enters the solar system, its heading towards Mars at a fantastic speed; it has entered the solar system at the precise correct trajectory to avoid the gravitational pull of Jupiter and at the same time, is on the precise trajectory to collide with the asteroid belt that lies between these two planets (mars and Jupiter)

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Our 2012 Meteor collides with this asteroid belt, and the hypothetical result of this could indeed be much the same as to what you yourself would witness if you successfully performed a “strike” in a game of ten pin bowling, hundreds if not thousands of asteroids could potentially be flung hurtling both towards mars and earth, the result of which could be apocalyptic in scale.

Now, where did I get that scenario from? Well I have a understanding of our solar system, the fundamental laws of the law of probability and amateur understanding of science, My point of telling you this was so that you yourself humble truth seeker could begin to use the intelligence you hold to calculate your own scenarios, which of course, in un of themselves would be almost endless! As there are so many potential scenarios.

Now, that what I just told you is ridiculously important, and I am arrogant enough to say that that is perhaps the most important thing you will read today, WHY, because if we can create endless scenarios for a 2012 meteor based on facts and the laws of science and mathematics, and refer to history to confirm it has happened before then it gives much more weight to the predictions made by the Ancient civilizations and cultures of our world.

I’ve discussed with people before that the notion that our ancestors were less intelligent than ourselves is preposterous for the simple fact of the overwhelming knowledge they gave to us, the architecture of their buildings and their keen understanding of the universe around them, the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas all fall into this category however right this moment I will speak directly of the Mayans in regards to their predictions of a 2012 Meteor.

It is a documented fact; check it for yourself if you do not agree, that the Mayans had within their civilization some of the most advanced natural astronomers that this world has ever known, and given the fact they had none of the modern equipment that we posses today that goes a long way in proving that they knew what they were doing.

These Mayan astronomers would watch the sky nearly every day of their life, and were revered as spiritual leaders and prophets in their own cultures, they tracked the movements of the celestial bodies with great accuracy and recorded everything they learned, from the cycles of the moon, and identifying all of the planets in our solar system, which I will add modern man didn’t even accomplish until the 1960’s the connection these people had with the universe was amazing, their entire culture became based around it and this is easily seen in their temples and texts.

The Mayan astronomers took to sky watching with the same devout zeal that you would expect of a priest in today’s setting, night after night, they were there, watching recording and passing their information on to the next generation to continue on with their work. I could ramble on, however I’m sure you are getting the vibes in trying to express, if these people had such a keen natural instinctive understanding of the universe at large, and took great lengths to record it all, would this not show that the probability of them calculating a 2012 meteor would in fact be rather large? Given what we know in today modern age?

Now I personally believe I have given you enough perspective to be able to think for yourself on this concept, mull it over in your mind but I urge you strongly to investigate the science and astronomy of the situation more, if you’re looking from a strong tool in assisting you with further research into the 2012 meteor phenomenon you can’t go past 2012 Contact I can’t begin to express how much this eBook helped me in my studies.

In these exciting times we are on the dawn of a new age, a new golden age I assure you but there is a transitional period that is most certainly going to get rather tough, if you’re looking for a hand guide to the 2012 meteor phenomenon and all that connects with it check out 2012 Contact because you’re not going to find a more concise and accurate piece of data anywhere, it will allow you the freedom to continue your research and investigations with the confidence you know precisely what’s going on.

There are many secrets in this world my friend, the question is, do you want to know them 2012 Contact

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