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4 Benefits of Being an Amazon Music Affiliate

By being an Amazon music affiliate, you get the “best of both worlds” opportunity of being able to indulge in your passion for music while at the same time earning a good amount of money.  You will also be able to reach out to music lovers everywhere who are hungrily searching for various types of music to buy.  In addition, there are more benefits you can get from joining the Amazon affiliate program.  Here are some of them:

Music is one online topic that usually generates high traffic. All you have to do is to be able to convert the traffic that you can generate.  Although this is a lot easier said than done, you can find business models online that will enable you to earn income based on the volume of visits such as those with cost per impression ads.  You will therefore earn with a good music blog or lens.
An Amazon music affiliate signed up in the compensation scheme called “Performance Plan” has bigger chances to earn higher commission rates from selling mp3’s.  The Performance Plan is basically a compensation scheme that is based on an affiliate’s performance.  This is ideal if you have other AStores or websites that offer other products.  Selling similar products that surpass or meet certain set volumes will entitle you to earn commission at a higher tier.  As mp3’s are more often purchased in bunches than most other products, it is easier to earn higher commission rates selling music.

A great thing about the scheme is that once you achieved a higher commission level, the rate will be applicable to all your sales within the same month, including those made or consummated even before the higher rate was achieved.  In Amazon, mp3’s electronic products, and some other specific items are paid fixed commission rates.  Although they count in determining the number of items sold for commission tier determination purposes, the rates do not vary with sales volume.

(In UK, they do not even count in the sales volume count).

There is no separate Amazon music affiliate program, and music products are included in the general affiliate program just like the rest of the merchandise sold by Amazon.

Even if you are only an Amazon music affiliate and not in the business of promoting any other products, you can still make a respectable income just by selling music.  The idea is to be able to lead your visitors to the Amazon site through a good music link. Because Amazon is great at up-selling, there is a strong possibility that your referrals will buy other products while they are there.  Note that you will earn commissions not just from mp3 sales but also for all other items purchased during the visit that originated from your link.
Of course, nothing beats the benefit of being able to engage in something that you really love, and get paid good money for it.  Likewise, having a passion for music will help establish your credibility and reputation as a trusted and authoritative Amazon music affiliate.

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