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A Guide to Converting iTunes to MP3

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It isn’t hard to convert iTunes to MP3. As the following will show, you don’t need a lot of technical expertise.

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The Conversion Process for Non Protected Files

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Start by opening iTunes. Go to Edit and click Preferences. Go to Advanced and choose Importing. Pick “Import using MP3 encoder”. Save the changes. Go to the library and right click a file. There will be some options there.

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Select the Convert Selection to MP3. If there isn’t any protection, the conversion will take place. If it’s protected, you’ll see a message saying you can’t convert the file. If that’s the case, refer to the following.

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Removing the File Protection

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To convert iTunes to MP3, get a blank CD. Burn the iTunes in it. Make sure you record it as an audio CD. If you burn it as a data CD, the protection won’t work. Be sure to utilize iTunes when accessing the CD. Now add as many tracks as can fit the CD. There will be a status bar indicating how much space is left on the disc.

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Select the file. Choose the convert selection to MP3. If you have several files, use a CD emulator. This can be handy if you have plenty of files that need to be changed.

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The Protection Method

The reason why people convert iTunes to MP3 is for accessibility. Those who are new to iTunes will be surprised to learn that they can’t play it anywhere else.

MP3 have no protection. They can be played on any player, either on computers or portable types. The iTunes on the other hand are in AAC or M4P format. Under these formats, the tracks can’t be played on anything but Apple players.

According to Apple, they instituted this reform to help preserve the sound. If you change it, the quality will suffer. Some consumers think it’s unfair. But as shown above, there are ways you can go around it.

Using Software Conversion Tools

There are applications available to help you convert iTunes to MP3. Although you can change them in the manner suggested earlier, it can be tedious. If you have plenty of songs, this will be the easier way. Some are shareware and come with extra features. But if you just need a basic converter, there are free apps available.

Most of the time, these applications are easy to use. Often you just have to add the tracks and press convert or something similar. Depending on the software you use, this can take a few seconds or several minutes.

Probably the hardest part is actually looking for which software to use. Aside from going over reviews, you should assess your needs. Some allow for conversion of music files into different formats. Decide which ones you need.

Understanding how to convert iTunes to MP3 isn’t too difficult. If you are going to do this, you just need to choose the right software. If you’d rather not download software, you just need to be a little patient. The point is you have plenty of options.

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