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Affiliate Marketing – Clickbank Marketplace Explained

You want to add affiliate marketing as a stream of income for your home based business. You need to focus on your business and not be distracted by unfamiliar details. It is important that you need to be comfortable with the details of Clickbank, the most popular source of digital products for affiliate marketing. I am going to assume that you have registered with Clickbank and now have a nickname and a password. To become comfortable with Clickbank, you must understand the terms used by the Clickbank website.

Sign in using your Clickbank nickname and password.

Click the navigation link to the Marketplace page. You will see the Search The Clickbank Marketplace function box. You have a number of choices including:

all categories
business to business
health & fitness
home & family
computer & internet
money & employment
marketing & ads
fun & entertainment
sports & recreation
society & culture

subcategory – subcategories for each of the categories


keywords – you input keyword relevant to the product or niche you are interested in.

sort by

high gravity
low gravity
$ earned/sale
% earned/sale
Future $
Total $ /sale
% referred

and type of product


all products
standard billing
recurring billing

Gravity is a measure of the sustained popularity of a product as measured by daily sales after adjustment for refunds.


Referred is a measure of the percentage of sales by affiliates.

100% referred means all sales by affiliates. 0% referred means all sales by the merchant.

Clickbank does not report the retail sales price for a product. You can get the retail price from the sales page.

Clickbank does report the commission percentage per sale as %/sale.

Clickbank does not report the refund rate for individual products.

Clickbank does report the $ earned/sale which is the net commission amount per sale after adjustment for the average refund rate.

When you search using the Clickbank search box by entering a choice in one or more of the criteria, Clickbank will return product matches. You can select the number of matches you want returned per search – minimum of 10. You receive the following information from a search:

– list of products ranked by your search criteria.

– each product listed includes the following information:

name and brief product description
$ /sale
Future $
Total $ /sale
% refd (referred rate, this is not the % refund rate)
link to the pitch or merchant sales page
link to create a hoplink.


Browse the marketplace page. Make a number of searches for products in the niches you prefer. View


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