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Affiliate Program Links – Setting Up Your ClickBank Affiliate Links to Make Money Online

In order to make money with affiliate marketing, you have to get traffic to your affiliate program links. These links are your very own unique links that are embedded with your affiliate ID. This ID is unique to you only and will be used to track how many people you refer to the affiliate program, and also how many sales you generate.

Setting up your personal affiliate links will vary from program to program. Most programs will provide instructions on how to setup your link. Also, they may even provide you with the link itself in your membership area after you login. No matter what, it’s important that you use this link when promoting the affiliate program.

If you’re a ClickBank affiliate, setting up your links are as easy as choosing the product you want to promote. Once you choose a product, simply click the big green “Promote” button next to the product.

A dialog box will appear with two input fields. Enter your ClickBank nickname, which is your user name, and a tracking ID, which is optional. If you don’t want to worry about tracking your affiliate links, just enter your nickname and hit “Create.”

You’ll be presented with your personal link for that product. This is the link you’ll want to promote if you plan on making money for that product. Each new product you find to promote, you’ll have to go through this same process to create a new link.

Setting up and promoting your personal affiliate program links will ensure that you get credit for any referrals and sales you generate from your marketing efforts.

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