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Airlines are service providing organizations. They provide air travelling services to the travelling passengers and cargos.  Services provided by the airlines can be categorized under following categories

Passenger aircrafts
Freight’s aircrafts
Domestic aircrafts
Regional aircrafts
Aircrafts within the continent
Airlines between the continents, etc.

Demand of airlines is increasing day by day. In some countries airline or aviation sector is completely under government control, in some countries it is partially dominated by private sector and partially ruled by government and in some countries private sector independently provide air travelling services.

In India airline industry has seen continuous growth since beginning. The government of India has a free sky policy which allowed several international aircrafts to expand their business and services in the country. Presently seventy five percent of Indian aviation business is managed by private airlines.

Indian aviation is the ninth largest aviation sector in the world.  The important enterprises of aviation sector includes names like

Kingfisher airlines
Jet airlines
Air India
Spice jet airlines
GoAir airlines
Paramount airways
MDLR airlines

If you are planning to travel across long distances, another state or another continent, first mode of travelling which will strike your mind is airlines. Airlines shorten the hours of your journey by raising the expenditure on travelling.

If you want to book you tickets at cheaper rates then you should get your bookings done a month before your journey.

As you reduce the difference between the date of booking your ticket and the date of your journey, the travelling rent for your ticket will increase.

Due to rise in fuel prices the profit generation of airlines is reducing day by day. The other reasons for decreasing profit includes, incoming of new competitors, increasing amount of various taxes, wages, etc.

After deciding your destination and date of journey you can either go for online booking or call an agent to book a ticket for you. Ticket can be a paper ticket or e-ticket. Ticket mentions important details of your journey. The factors affecting the price value of your ticket involves purchase date, class, destination, flight time and date, fuel costs, competitors’ fare, etc.

Increase in number of passengers willing to travel by plane is increasing day by day, which opens a huge market for the new and old both airlines. At times these airlines do overbooking and the reason behind that is the history of passengers, who did not appear at the airport or did not travel for any reason. But in case people do arrive and there is lack of seats for passengers then these airlines has to pay them either compensation to these customers.

Air India is the oldest and largest Indian airline. It is partially owned by government of India The Air India customers complains against the quality and quantity food and drinks being served, while they have high opinion about the comfortable and spacious seating arrangement.

Air Arabia is a low cost airline. Its head office is located at United Arab Emirates. The Air Arabia fraud complaints are about the charges paid by the customers while the meal was not served on the plane. Such incident causes defamation of services provided by various international airlines. On complaining the response is never satisfactory.

Our aim is to provide sophisticated information about market and industries. We at Akosha, actually work for protecting consumer’s right & to get their complaints resolved. In this article we are writing on Market scenario of Air India services and its Complaint and same statistic of Air Arabia services and complaints.

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