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Amazon leading the wave of cheap Tablet PC

The application store of Amazon breaks the Tablet PC market situation dominated by Open Handset Alliance, which would make low-priced Android tablet PCs become more popular, there even may be the chance to obtain low-end market from Google`s application store.


Today, the main product of Amazon Woot! Website is 10inch Android Tablet PC produced by Viewsonic Corporation that is screen maker, priced $ 285. As a well-known brand of 10inch Tablet PC, tablet for $ 285 is a surprisingly low price, which means that certain tendency will come soon.


If you think it is very difficult for computer manufacturers to produce a tablet PC sold $ 200, then you may as well take a look at HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo and other manufacturer`s priced $ 200 laptop. What we called “Netbook” based on more expensive Intel processor architecture, hinge parts and other larger superstructure and several ports, in addition that they need to pay $ 25 license fee for using Microsoft Windows System. They also have 1G of memory, a keyboard, a touch screen, a 160GB hard drive or a 32GB flash memory, Although the use of various of materials and complex workmanship, their prices are only $ 200.


Try to think of a typical tablet PC, take iPad, Xoom, Samsung or the above-mentioned ViewSonic Tablet PC for example. It is just a 10inch display screen plus touch screen that connected to a lower-cost ARM processor architecture, in addition to a number of sensors(such as GPS, sensors, cameras), and a smaller size in battery. Besides the use of dedicated tablet PC`s touch screens (usually cost 25 dollars up and down) and some low-cost sensors and some other things other tablet PC also have and the netbook also have, and the components used by tablet PC are often lower.


Sales of tablets are seen soaring in the coming years, while at the same time prices are expected to drop, research firm Gartner reported Thursday, as cited by ComputerWorld.

So it says, Apple will control at least 80% tablets market in the U.S., and its competitors can only share 10% market after iPad has been sold for 15 millions.

But Amazon is capable for being a dark horse. They should develop a tablet based on Android or Linux and sell them at to make it more like Amazon style—one click buying, member service and recommendation engine.

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