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Anhui: A Clearly Marked Virtual Appliance Store Price Of A Large Release Smoke

A well-known domestic brands


Market price is 10,090 yuan, again bargain with the salesperson, the refrigerator was eventually dropped to 6,800 yuan, 3,290 yuan a staggering difference. As well as some brand

Home Appliances

Adhere to the principle of a unified national price, clearly-fixed prices. A well-known domestic brand refrigerators mall price is 10,090 yuan, again bargain with the salesperson, the refrigerator was eventually dropped to 6,800 yuan, 3,290 yuan a staggering difference. Recently, the provincial capital for new home purchase of consumer appliances Liuxin Na, the face of “codes virtual price”, Lian Hu, “read”, “say clearly the price consumers have to pay attention may, in fact ‘codes virtual price’ mind a little point cut bargain, chances are able to catch up with the price of heart. “However, when a reporter visited the consumer that the actual selling price well below the bid price tag, looks got benefits, but the merchants who wish to further discount virtual mark-ups concessions, then obviously it becomes a dishonest act.

“Double the difference refund”

8 5, a shopping center in Hefei

Galanz microwave oven

Price 1798 yuan. See press interested in purchasing, sales staff said the price could be discussed, this “negotiated” price of 300 yuan to be cut, the other side saying it is the lowest, “the city a price lower than that of the microwave oven, double the return of post.” Not only that, the oven also comes with a purple clay rice cooker,


, Microwave-specific plastic bowls.

See press hesitation, then consult a salesperson sales manager, “can also be a cheaper 38 yuan.” Sales staff explained that this is because the internal computer will


Coupons, so I can offer.

When the reporter shook her head before leaving, also known as sales, but also 20 dollars cheaper. “This is actually a drain on our money.” She said, “is to sales.”

In another mall, with a microwave oven is priced at 1,698 yuan. Told reporters read the same microwave oven, “1400 yuan can not sell?” The other party has indicated that unacceptable, but is promised soon.

Such “codes virtual price”, of course, not limited to individual products. 6 August afternoon, reporters found that many visits, standard high, low discount is almost industry “norm.”

Price “evaporate” into more than three

Reporter notes at a mall, Skyworth 47L02RF


Price 10,990 yuan, 8,990 yuan during the event promoters say can be bought. Salesperson said


Price is higher than the actual price. Other TV brands, model L52E9FBD of


TV, price 11998 yuan, the actual price of only 9,998 yuan, one during the event sending their television. The brand TV, slightly cheaper price of 8,999 yuan a TV that can counter-offer to 6,999 yuan; Konka TV LC55FT66AC, sign price 13990, Promoters are given in the price of 11,020 yuan.

In other retail outlets, reporters come across a similar situation. Yangtze River Road, a store, Hisense TLM55V88GP TV, price 13990 yuan, current price as long as 11,000 yuan. Hisense 52-inch TV with series price 10,990 yuan, 9,000 yuan salesman quote, after bargaining, the final price down to 8,800 yuan.

Royalstar BCD-226GER refrigerator, at a price tag is 4,799 stores, the actual price of 4199 yuan; beauty section of a refrigerator price 4578 yuan, the actual selling only 3,978 yuan; Meiling refrigerator price of a section 10090, the actual sold only 8,900 yuan, after repeated discussions with the salesperson that this section refrigerator price eventually dropped to 6,800 yuan, the difference is a staggering 3,290 yuan.

Many salesman will tell reporters, as long as over buy to the store manager, manager of special referrals, based on the final offer price, you can then range from 100 to 200 yuan cheaper, guaranteed given the “lowest price.” , And price “high” high-end appliances are often much cheaper rate, there is considerable shrinkage of space. The reporters found that even relatively well-known brand has different degrees of shrinkage phenomenon exists.

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