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A very disheartening factual situation in and around the borders of Israel has continued since the inception of Israel in the world community as a state. Many thoughts have been given and many causes have been exploited just to determine the base of this unrest. But to what conclusion; pointless arguments, calls for halting aggression, asking for the aid of world community, condemnation of either party, feelings of regrets over casualties and then what happens, they start over again. Terrible, isn’t it?

Written history is something that can be manipulated the way we want. This vulnerability has been used to the advantage of some nations. Israel is one of them. Throughout the history they have caused disturbance and pain, war and battles, yet they call themselves innocents and the victims. History has seen them to be expelled or transported from every place they had come to live for a time due to their unique nature.

Now one wonders what might have been the cause. Certainly it is not the other nations.

A war can be ended only through war and to achieve peace war has again to be used, unfortunately. But the peace is kept intact only through peace. Both Israel and Hezbollah are trying to achieve this feat through violence, war and bloodshed. Every bomb dropped, every bullet fired, every rocket propelled, every suicide attack is widening the gap between the parties concerned for a prospect of peace.

Peace brought through war and bloodshed is not peace rather it is subjugation.

The shameful point behind all this fiasco is the role of the international community. “With the greater power comes the greater responsibility.” Ah, if that could have ever been true in this case.

Justice is not only to be done rather it is seen to be done. This lack of purity in action has always corrupted the powerful ones.

A viable peace is a far-fetched idea until the roles of parties are changed from oppressor and victim to equal competitors. Major hurdle to this effect is the backing of the international community to the oppressor rather than the victim. They act like they have no concern over this issue. The lives of an inferior race are nothing to them. Lock a chicken in a chain and then shoot it at your will claiming it was going to hurt you. It always could. How ridiculous!

Wars are ugly affairs. They hurt same on both sides. A bullet or bomb cannot distinguish between an enemy or friend. Nobody likes wars except those who have turned wars into entrepreneurships. This leaves major powers lurking for an opportunity to invest in arms and harvest the spoils. Right to say, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The large number of wars has turned the idea of World War III needless. In fact the term World War needs to be re-spelled like Warring World. Every time nations come with another claim to start a war. As it is easy to defend any claim, even easier when Big Shots are behind you, there seems to be no end to the miseries of the world. Look at the war on terrorism to have a better idea. This is never going to stop if the most powerful ones don’t act accordingly. I wish somebody would tell them Shakespeare’s words, “A murder shall always breed a murder.”

Let our conscious be not guilty by allowing these cruelties to happen when they can easily be thwarted. So come together and bury our hatchets for the future’s sake.

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