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Asda Promo Codes

Which Supermarket?

Supermarket Virgin? Well its been a while.

ASDA was founded in Yorkshire in 1949 and the Head Office is still actually based in Leeds. Good to know that it has been true to its roots and is still a down to earth supermarket. I travelled around the aisles and realised how much supermarkets had actually changed since I did the weekly shop. For example the clothes range had grown dramatically. I spent 30 minutes clothes shopping before I got near any of the food. There was also a massive range of toys, books, television and house hold goods, I was quite excited by all the products under one roof! I bought all the usual things such as vegetables, bread, meat and some cleaning products. And then I had a really devilish idea. Devilish for me anyway and remembering that I am a bit of a “saddo”. Ready meals. As my husband was a chef he never ever bought anything pre prepared. He considered it to be a sin. And as he was an Italian chef he never made a roast dinner, sausage and mash or a shepherd’s pie. I marched down the aisles throwing all manner of ready meals into my trolley and re-uniting with some long lost British dishes. I then went to the till and redeemed my ASDA coupons. The bill was still at little hefty. Evidently I had done a Dale Winton and gone “wild in the aisles”.

Overweight Baggage

After finishing my weekly shop I loaded everything into the car and then unloaded everything out again. This was hard work and for a split minute I wished I had a man to help me. Thankfully a nearby neighbour saw me struggling and came to assist me. Unfortunately he was not exactly Pierce Brosnan but just a nice old man. A clever old man too. He suggested that I should do my shopping online and get everything delivered to my door. Genius. He even told me to visit which gives information on finding an ASDA promo code to get a discount on your shopping. I think he must have been an angel sent from heaven. A week later I decided to take his advice and did my first online supermarket shop. I had managed to find an ASDA voucher code online and felt that I was becoming savvy at saving a few pennies here and there. I searched through the “aisles” and ordered even bigger quantities as I knew I was not going to have to carry them. Once more, the bill was a little weighty but I used my ASDA discount code to knock off a few pennies. Ideal.

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