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Ask For Refunds Selectively

As a Newbie internet marketer, I have spent a lot of time surfing the web looking for the information that I must have to be successful in my business. The more I surf, the more I realize that there are a lot of marketers out there who are just trying to separate me from my money.

As an example, recently I purchased two different products from two different vendors on a similar subject. After I downloaded the materials and reviewed each, I could not tell who had copied from whom. The information was so similar that it had to be from the same source with only minor modifications. Naturally, I don’t need two sets of the same thing, so I asked for a refund on the highest price one. Looking back, I probably should have asked for a refund from both for plagiarism.

I am becoming more convinced that the reason many marketers publish recycled materials is because they know that very few people will ask for refunds. So, the system just perpetuates itself. Perhaps if more people start asking for refunds, maybe the junk sellers will be weeded out over time.

Don’t misunderstand me, one should never ask for a refund for something that is beneficial in your business that you are going to use. But, if you purchase something which, after review, is of no value to you or is not what was promised, then by all means ask for a refund.

Your ultimate goal, in my opinion, should be to find a couple of marketers who know the internet business and who consistently under price and over deliver on their products. You can use them as your mentors through their materials. They can provide all the information you need to be successful in your business with a minimum outlay of cash.

You don’t need the marketers who have to try and entice you with their squeeze pages, flying popups, and the lady who wants to have a personal conversation with you before you leave the site.

As a final suggestion from a newbie, when considering a purchase, think logically not emotionally. If it sounds too good to be true, you know the answer. Don’t be drawn in by the “slick” sales pages, the house on the hill with the tennis courts and swimming pool, overlooking the ocean, with the girls in the short skirts leaning against the Corvette or Italian sports car parked in the driveway. Think logically and there will generally be no need to ask for refunds.

Ken Boyd is a retired Air Force Officer, former business owner and and in retirement, a newbie internet marketer. His web site address is

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