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Associate Degree in Nursing

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There are many different types of nursing degrees that you can choose to take on. Whether you want to care for elderly people or take care of children’s wounds, a nursing degree can be a fulfilling and rewarding career.

There are three diverse entry-level nursing degree paths into nursing:

The 4-year BSN is favored entry-level nursing program by most nursing leaders since it provides the most excellent opportunities in today’s job market. If you look in the classifieds, you’ll find that a BSN is a requirement for many positions. It is the admission point for specialized nursing practice.
An associate degree focuses more on technological skills than theory and is often a stepping stone to the BSN. The associate’s degree allows a scholar to become a registered nurse and earn money more speedily than a 4-year BSN program, so it works superior for many students. It is the entry-level nursing degree for technical nursing practice.
A nursing diploma, a 2- to 3-year knowledge base was a more common entry-level nursing degree before the 1970s, when there were more than 800 diploma schools in life. There are now less than 100 such schools. A nursing diploma experience prepares students for labor in a hospital or other inpatient facility. Depending on your career aspirations, this may or may not seem preventive to you.

No matter which path of nursing you take, you can be sure that if you are passionate about the field, you will find work to be enjoyable and rewarding. Earning a nursing degree at any level is a big step that many students want to take in order to improve their life and accomplish many goals.

Whichever nursing degree you choose, you have access to many different programs such as:

· Human anatomy and physiology

· Biology

· Microbiology

· Pharmacology

· General Chemistry

· Adult health nursing

· Child and family care nursing

· Mental health nursing

Achieving your nursing diploma or associate’s degree in nursing are grand ways to start your nursing career. And you will find many acredited nursing programs that give the technical and hands-on training you need to do well as a practicing nurse.

As mentioned, either a diploma in nursing or an associate’s in nursing make it eligible for you to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam and apply for your registered nursing license. though, an associate’s degree can serve you later in your career should you decide to pursue a BSN or an advanced nursing degree that prepares you for specialized nursing practice.

Of course, if you choose to earn a diploma in nursing now, you can at all times return to nursing school to complete requirements for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree later in your career.

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