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Clickbank Affiliate Network

Clickbank affiliate network is extremely easy to join but not so easy to make money in. Unless you are prepared for a big learning curve and are prepared to put the required time in to learn.

So many producers of info products say that you don’t need to know any HTML or have a website of your own. And yes, there are a lot of products where that is quite true. Or alternatively they point you in the way of Elance or Rentacoder or some other similar service. Now these services are good and I’m not knocking them remotely.

But, quite frankly, this was some of the worst advice I’ve ever received and I believed these gurus. Why wouldn’t I? They were the gurus and I was learning. And I could get information products where I didn’t need to have my own website. Everything was provided except the making money bit. But this approach to a business is much like trying to do your hair with your hands tied behind your back. The limitations are so frustratingly unbelievable!

If you are going to give clickbank and affiliate marketing a fair go, you do need to know some really basic HTML and how to build and tweak your own websites. I strongly recommend a product called XsitePro which is a WYSIWYG website building program that was designed for internet marketers and especially affiliate marketers.

To try clickbank affiliate marketing without being able to make your own websites is like a carpenter trying to build a house without a hammer. Believe me; I tried that because it was an easy way out for me of not having to learn but the cost was horrendous. Strongly suggest you don’t go there.

The clickbank affiliate network has thousands and thousands of products in its data giga vaults and being able to make your own websites is like having the keys to this bank vault. – Read about my mistakes here so you don’t have to make them. Or have you already? – Is there just a modicum of truth in there?

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