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Clickbank Guide – What A Beginner Must Know

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You may be aware that Clickbank is often cited as the place to get your affiliate marketing career started, but there a few things a newbie needs to know that will act as sort of a ‘Clickbank Guide’ toward helping them realize exactly what sort of undertaking they are up against.

For those who are just starting their marketing career, it is important to realize that Clickbank is not some sort of “cash cow” that just requires you to promote the hottest product out there and start watching the “cash roll in” as you may have read elsewhere. The truth is, for a dead-on beginner, Clickbank can be a very steep hill to climb indeed. This is not to say you cannot be successful, because you most certainly can. However, it’s important to realize a few things that many “gurus” don’t exactly mention. The best “guru” courses provide loads of factual information, but usually leave out the difficult specifics of actually making sales or generating traffic. They are selling a dream, not a business plan. Check out the below Clickbank Guide for more information.

If you are looking to market your own product on Clickbank – Many training courses advise you to create your own product and gather affiliates to “do the work for you”. One way to do this is to rebrand a PLR product from someone else, or create your own. However, it’s important to know that getting affiliates to pitch it for you is not easy at all if you have no existing reputation in the industry or connections with other affiliates. First of all, there are fairly hefty fees to list your product on Clickbank prior to having it go live. Secondly, Clickbank must approve your product before it can enter their marketplace. Generally, this involves that your sales page meets their terms of service and that it is genuinely yours and seems to perform as advertised. Thirdly, you need to make sure you make it super easy for affiliates by creating an “affiliate tools” page with your link, swipe copy for emails to their list, banner ads for their sites etc. If you don’t do this, they will just go to a different vendor who does.

If you are looking to be an affiliate for others on Clickbank – Attempting to dive into the deep end of Clickbank and promoting products is a good way to learn affiliate marketing, but you had better be prepared to create your landing page for traffic, know how to write articles and generate traffic, and understand the idea of Clickbank’s metrics, which are in some cases, notoriously inaccurate. In other words, a fair amount of trial and error is involved. Rather than targeting the latest “make money online” courses, you may want to take a look at information products that are in a completely different niche. These products are usually not nearly as competitive, and may be easier to actually make sales. Make sure to keep an eye on the return rates as well, as Clickbank will “claw back” any commissions earned from a returned sale.

Hopefully, this Clickbank guide got you thinking a little more critically before jumping in. Want to know more information about Affiliate marketing and how exactly to start out (and how NOT to)? Check out the link below for a whole lot more information on how to get started with other affiliate programs besides Clickbank.

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