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Clickbank Link Cloaking – 7 Reasons Why You Should Cloak Affiliate Links

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The ability to make use of Clickbank link cloaking is one of the skills that every affiliate marketer really needs to learn.

Clickbank are one of the largest affiliate networks in the world, and practically every single affiliate marketer has tried to join and market some of their products at some point in their online career.

The way that Clickbank work is that vendors can add their products to the Clickbank marketplace. Usually this includes the sales page for the product, along with price details. Once these products get approved, then other marketers can start to try and promote and sell these products.

The process makes use of special affiliate links for each product and for each affiliate. No two affiliate links are the same, or else they would not be able to keep track of payments due to affiliates.

The affiliate links themselves are usually very long-winded hyperlinks, and seem to appear very unsightly to visitors of your website. An example of how an actual affiliate link might appear is a follows: “”.

So because of their appearance, and some other reasons also, marketers prefer to use Clickbank link cloaking whenever possible. The actual hyperlink is replaced with a more natural looking link, which looks a lot more appealing to any visitors to your website. The visitor still reaches the correct affiliate destination, but via a temporary page which is used to redirect the click. Here is a list of some of the reasons for this:

1 – Look more professional.

When you replace the Clickbank link with a cloaked link, the result is a more professional finish. It not longer looks like it was inserted by an amateur, and as a result it will be more likely to receive clicks than an un-cloaked link.

2 – Protect your potential sales from affiliate bypassing. If you do not use Clickbank link cloaking, then it is possible for a visitor to bypass your link and go directly to that page. Partly the reason for this is that some visitors think that they will get a better price by going directly to the website. Another reason is that many people do not like the business of affiliate marketers, and just do not want to allow marketers to get those affiliate payments.

3 – Protect against hackers. It is possible for certain people with the right skills to steal your commissions fro themselves. Also they are usually clever enough to not take all sales, instead to only take a small percentage to avoid detection.

4 – Protect against link theft. If the visitor to your website happens to be another internet marketer, or even somebody with a little knowledge of how Clickbank operate, then all that person has to do is to insert his or her own id into the hop-link, and keep the commission for themselves.

5 – Improved web appearance. When you introduce Clickbank link cloaking, the end result looks more appealing from the eye of the visitors. As a result, expect to get more clicks.

6 – Make the link look less likely to be an affiliate link. Visitors will no longer be very aware that you are operating as an affiliate for the product. You are still expected to make full disclosure by means of policy pages and terms and conditions, but it is fine to have these down at the bottom of the page.

7 – Because it works. If you have the chance, try configuring your website for a certain period of time using regular Clickbank links. Gather all the data for this period. Then configure the site to use Clickbank link cloaking and once again gather the data. You should find that the version using Clickbank link cloaking wins every time.

Jeffrey Charles an expert software developer and eBook author provides very useful and effective tips in choosing the right link cloaking software


My name is Jeffrey Charles a fulltime internet marketer. I’m a software developer and eBook authors with more than 10 years of experience. I’ve tried affiliate marketing, creating my own products and outsourcing services. I am also a part time web graphics designer for internet marketers. Internet Marketing is fun, interesting and definitely the career choice for me. My focus is to help local businesses in my area sell more of their products.

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