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Clickbank Merchants

Operating Click bank is easy as compared to others. All a person needs to do is:

A Clickbank sales link should be placed on your website where the customers are invited by you.
Then you have to inquire the commission rate that it will take for its service. This commission rate usually depends on the rate of the product or service provided.
When a customer clicks the order link, CB provides a price tag window. This window also includes the name of the product.
If the order is accepted CB displays credit card details window, where a customer has to keep all the credit card and payment option details.
This will be the last stage of the transaction to get approved
After this CB will send payment to the vendor and the commission to affiliate if any.
Then it displays a thank you page for the customer.

The process to open and operate a vendor account:

Starting out in the account: firstly the person needs to sign up for a CB account. The information that is fed in the sign up form is necessary so that the payments can be sent to you. Later a vendor is ready to commence sales Clickbank charges $ 49.95 as activation fees and also CB has a commission of one dollar + 7.5% from every sale.
Making refunds: in case of the customer asking for refunds CB will contact and notify the vendor. They will also request the vendor to handle the problem within 24 hours. If until then Clickbank does not have any notification from the vendor they will refund to the customer and the vendor may lose 5% to 10% of the sales which have been made via CB.
Payment: a pay period end time is decided in every two weeks. This is when the vendor receives the payment. Before a vendor can opt for a direct deposit on can receive a payment on a weekly basis he has to complete cycle of three pay Checks. There are also many other aspects on which the pay check may depend. The vendor has to contact CB directly and sort out the issues of their pay check policy before he ties a bond with them.

The minimum payment setting, which is usually $ 100 by default, can also be altered. But by doing so Clickbank may reduce or deduct accounting fee of $ 2.50 from every check that is issued.

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