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Clickbank Pirate Review – ARRR Affiliate Matey!

If you have been involved with affiliate marketing for any period of significant time you have most likely come across clickbank.  Clickbank is an affiliate network that focuses on digitally downloadable products like eBooks and software.  For whatever reason, it also tends to be the first network that most affiliate sign up with.

The Clickbank Pirate is a money making system that teaches you how to make a good chunk of change on Clickbank.  The main thing that I like about their sales letter is that they do NOT try to over promise you anything.  They show screenshots of making a few hundreds dollars a week with the system (not $ 10,000 plus like many marketers do).

The Clickbank Pirate system was created for people just getting started out.  So, if you are still struggling with how to make your first few sales; then this will lay out exactly how to make it happen.  From what I can gather, the Clickbank Pirate system will focus on creating a website, picking a niche to go into, how to choose keywords to target, and then generating traffic based on those keywords.

I have not personally used this system; but I can tell you 2 great ways to generated free traffic to your chosen keywords.  The first is Article Marketing.  Simply write an article on your specific subject and then submit it to or other article directories.  In the resource box make sure to include a link to your website.  That’s all there is to it.  You can also use software to help you submit your articles automatically to hundreds of directories.

However, you need to really do it in Mass to make it worthwhile.  One article might get a few trickling visitors here and there; but 100 or 1,000 articles will really start to open the flood gates.

The second method of generating free traffic that you can sell clickbank products to is Search Engine Optimization.  This takes time and effort as well.  But if you are able to rank well for your given keywords in your niche; you can get some great new buyers.

Anyway, the Clickbank Pirate will give you much better direction than I have here!  They will show you exactly step by step how to consistently sell products off of clickbank from your website. 

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