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Clickbank Scam Alert ? Predator Gurus With Lists

Affiliate predators and ClickBank scammers are in full attack mode in the make money online niche. In this quick article I am going to talk about a very popular theme for email list gurus, why it continues to work and what to look out for in your email.

Popular Auto Pilot Software Scam

If you are on any guru lists for this niche then you have seen many variations on a sort of auto-pilot push button software. The price ranges from about $ 37 to $ 67. There are probably a dozen or more of these where everything is copied and renamed and given a total makeover.

The long ad copy explains how bad off our hero was until he discovered this method. Then he spends a small fortune designing this software so it would be quick and easy for him. Then what do you know he decides to sell a very limited number of them but you’d better hurry, they’re going fast.

There are screen shots of paydays for thousands and thousands of dollars. A quarter of a million a year, $ 5000 a day, the claims are so outrageous you wonder how anyone could believe it.

Why This Scam Works

One big reason ClickBank scams work is that the customer (victim) is offered an iron clad guarantee. This seems to say well it must be true or how could they offer a 100% money back guarantee?

Because most people don’t do ANYTHING after making the purchase. They don’t get rich and they don’t ask for a refund. These packages are designed to seem like they could work.

They may be based on using WordPress or website creation software to make review pages for affiliate products. Driving all of the free traffic that’s promised is where it usually breaks down completely.

What To Do About It

And you already know the answer to that. Firstly though you might want to come to the realization that there is no magic push button to success. You are going to have to work at it.

If there were push button auto-pilot software that could make you rich everyone would want it and the price would go to the moon. Simply find or come up with a good plan and stick with it for a few months and you will be successful without magic software.

I do hope the next time you get one of these emails (and you will), that you will be forewarned about this scam and will avoid it as even when you get a refund it is a total waste of your valuable time.

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