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Commission Blueprint 2 – Best New Affiliate Course, Tools and Techniques

Affiliate Marketing, also known as Internet Marketing can be very difficult to get into to and actually make any money these days as the competition can be fierce in some markets. That being said it should not be a reason not to get into this type of business as the opportunities far outweigh the competition for instance the internet is still a new marketplace that is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

I was once a struggling internet marketer and needed a way to turn my business into a money making opportunity. I purchased information products that said they would tell me how to do this but they all ended up being just hype and always left out the little things that really open the door for internet marketing.

I then came across a product in January 2009 called Commission Blueprint. This information product designed and built by Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey included video tutorials, pdf files, templates, and spreadsheets. It was a complete package that taught how to find products, build campaigns and how to track these campaigns to see if you had a winner or a loser quickly. In all Commission Blueprint 1 gave me the tools to start to earn money, not just spend spend spend. I did not know who these guys were who made this product, but after many months of being part of their forum and seeing and using a couple of their other products, one being SEM Business Blueprint I know Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey make a product that is worth the price they ask. No need to ask for refunds.

On September 9th the new release of Commission Blueprint 2 is coming out to the public. This new product is a complete rebuild of the older version with many many more tools, updated techniques that pass all the Google slaps that are going on, as well as video tutorials and not just information on how to sell Clickbank products but techniques on how to find other affiliate marketing products and how to market them successfully.

Currently I am a monthly Commission Blueprint Member and use Steve’s and Tim’s tools everyday for my own business. I have been given a peak into some of the new things that are on there way to the public in this new Commission Blueprint 2 and those things are:

1. Keyword Blueprint Tool – It will help you find the Converting Keywords for your Niche.
2. Affiliate sales and conversion strategies, including the landing page bonus, IP Techniques, double selling, product launch formulas, riding trends and CPA conversion techniques and strategies.
3. SEO module – everything from the basics to the most advanced techniques that can get you ranked high for even some of the most competitive keywords. Includes Article Blueprint tool(Article Spinning and Posting Tool), building PR farms, link building examples and case studies, link building plans.

Those are just a sample of what is coming.

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