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Ebook With Resell Rights

The Iprofit Ebook Package includes 180 ebook with resell rights for you to resell.

Ebook with resell rights are one of the best selling markets on the web.

What are master resale rights?

When you have Master Resale Rights for a item, it means that you can sell it to others and maintain all the profits, and your customer will additionally get resale rights to the item and be capable to sell it to other people.

When will I get accessibility to iProfit Niche Package after I place my order?

Your payment information are verified immediately, and you may have entry to the iProfit Niche Package within a few seconds after your order is completed. The iProfit eBook Package consists of over 180 ebook with resell rights.

Do I have to host the iProfit Niche Package files on my own host?

If you sell the iProfit Niche Package as it is actually, we will host all the files for you. We will host the main file, as well as all the individual downloads included in iProfit Niche Package on our host. However, if you decide to market the items contained in iProfit Niche Package separately, then you will have to host all of them on your own host. If you are searching for a web host we suggest

Do I need a website in order to sell the iProfit Niche Package and the other items included within it?

No. A website is not required. There are numerous ways to sell the iProfit Niche Package and the other products contained in it. However a website is the best way to promote such items. All the products come with professionally designed sales web sites. All you have to do it upload them to your host.

How can I accept credit cards on my web site in order to sell these products?

You can accept credit cards on your website very easily, by using Pay Pal. They will accept credit cards on your behalf, and send the funds into your own account in electronic format from there you can move to your bank account. Pay Pal will charge $ 1.17 for a $ 39.95 transaction. There are no more additional fees with Pay Pal. Or you can open your own vendor account. Or you can use Click Bank. and Pay Pal are the most common online credit card processing companies.

Do I need to be hooked up to the internet when I am reading the ebooks?

No. You only have to be connected to the internet when you are downloading them. The iProfit eBook Package consists of over 180 ebook with resell rights.

Do I have to follow any rules when I market the iProfit Niche Package?

Yes. Some rules/guidelines have to be followed when selling the iProfit Niche Package. Visit the ‘Terms of Resale’ page for more details.

Can the individual products found inside the iProfit Niche Package be included in other packages, or membership sites?

Yes, all the individual products found within the package can be included in other packages and membership sites.

Can I sell the individual items found within the iProfit Niche Package for as much as I want?

Indeed, you can charge as much as you want when selling the individual items contained within the iProfit Niche Package.

Ebooks with master resale rights are one of the top selling niches on the world wide web. People today are discovering the Iprofit Ebook Package includes the best ebooks with resell rights to sell.

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