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Expedia stops selling American Airlines’ tickets

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The online travel company Expedia Inc., displeased with the American Airlines’ pricing model, stopped exhibiting the Airlines’ ticket fares on its website.

Expedia announced its failure to reach a new distribution agreement with the Fort Worth carrier. This decision was taken following the declaration of to stop the sale of American Airlines’ tickets.

First, the Airlines’ had removed all its flights from the online booking site Orbitz, for which Expedia fired back by changing the display of the Airlines’ tickets on its site. This made it difficult for the customers in finding the American flights.

Contracts on the verge of expiration
It seems to be the beginning of a crotchety year as the disagreement between the American Airlines and the two leading travel websites has already set the plot.

The worst part is that the contracts between the other airlines and websites are also running out and the full content agreements signed between the carriers and GDSs are also on the verge of expiry.

On the verge of expiring contracts, the struggle for agreeing on terms and conditions has been on for months, between the American Airlines and its online partners.

The travel sites are not happy with the American Airlines’ intention to reduce their payments.

Expedia calls American Airlines anti-consumer
American Airlines has been accused by Expedia and its peers in their publicity campaigns. They have blamed American Airlines for increasing the difficulty for consumers.

In a statement, Expedia said, ” American Airlines’ direct connect model is questionable, if any, benefit to travelers, would be costly to build and maintain and would compromise travel agents’ ability to provide travelers with the best selection.”

“This has been done in light of both American Airlines’ recent decision to prevent Orbitz from selling its inventory and possible disruption in Expedia’s ability to sell American Airlines tickets when our contract with American Airlines expires.

American Airlines has shown it only intends to do business with travel agencies through a new model that is anti-consumer and anti-choice,” Expedia added.


The online travel company Expedia Inc., displeased with the American Airlines’ pricing model, stopped exhibiting the Airlines’ ticket fares on its website.


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