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Find Out About the number: 2012

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2012- The popular number we heard now. It’s the time of transformative change. 12.21.2012 are numbers fueling movies, books, workshops, web sites, blogs, videos and articles just like these. These numbers indicate to what that date will mean both personally and globally. What do they mean for us?

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In numerology we add all the digits in a date and reduce them to a single digit (Double digits are considered master numbers and are not reduced.) Each number has its own energy vibration and special meaning that can be applied to different scenarios. So, December 21, 2012 would look like this: 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2 = 11/2. The master number 11 speaks to us about working in community. It challenges us to stretch outside our personal circle and remember that we exist in a greater community. We must learn to function in oneness and inspire those we come into contact with on a daily basis.

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Eleven vibrates to altruism and innovation in all endeavors. That means scientists will be discovering new methods to research and treat old ailments – and make them widely available to all. Astrologers, astronomers and all teachers will be learning and discovering here to fore known information that will inspire and change our world view and mold a new model of cooperative living.

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According to Faith Javane, noted numerologist, the number eleven calls on us to live the Golden Rule and practice fairness and honesty in all things. In her book, Master Numbers, she goes on to say that when the number eleven is fully realized in people they will change their environment, build new bodies and live in harmony with the Divine Plan. Certainly these are goals worth striving for in the changing times we are experiencing. Eleven will test us as a collective to step up and express our oneness on more than just words. We will have to act our true beliefs and work cooperatively with others to move through the challenges we will face whether they be financial, health, or weather related. Each of our actions will effect the greater community and very quickly. We will want to be dedicated to a purpose greater than our own personal gain at this time.


If we reduce the number 11, by adding its digits, to 2, we find ourselves in a period of time that focuses on partnership to resolve polarities. Typically a 2 year will call on us to work in pairs, male/female, positive/negative, light/dark, etc. This cycle takes place on a more personal level and is played out in the home and work environments rather than in community. So those who are unable or unwilling to stretch into the larger community will have plenty of opportunities to work on a personal level during this time. It will not, however, stop or negate the greater eleven energy taking place around them. Not an easy time for those unprepared or unaware.


Now that we have an idea of what the world will be experiencing, let’s look at what your personal year will say about the individual role available to you during this cycle. To do that, you will want to add all the digits in your birth month, birth date and the year 2012. For example, if you were born on July 15th, your numbers would look like this: 7+1+5+2+0+1+2 = 18 = 1+8 = 9. So on July 15, 2012, you would be moving into a nine vibration while the world was heading toward an eleven vibration. Since the effects of a new cycle may be felt up to six months in advance of the date, you would also want to look at your number for 2011. In this case the number would be 7+1+5+2+0+1+1 = 17 = 1+7 = 8.


What does each number mean and how can we best utilize its energy in 2012? Let’s do the numbers:


One – You will be at the forefront of creating new opportunities and methods for those in your community to cooperatively share resources. You will want to use your talents and the energy of a one year to initiate group projects such as neighborhood vegetable gardens or carpools.


Two – During this cycle your talents will be needed to resolve conflicting viewpoints and bring opposing sides together. A focus on service and sharing resources will bring out the best in everyone and foster a strong caring community. You will be especially suited to rise above the squabbles and keep the big picture firmly in view.


Three – It will be vital for you to use your creative talents to up lift the spirits of those around you during this time of upheaval and change. Joy, laughter and creative expression will bring balance and peace to you and those connected to you. Organizing social networks and connecting others through art, music or other creative endeavors will go a long way to eliminate fear and anxiety.


Four – Your task in 2012 will be to establish the structures and systems to facilitate communities based on sharing of resources. You will be the one to establish processes to connect those who are in need with those who can provide a service. Think of yourself as bartering service coordinator and your home the hub of activity. Building homes will come as naturally to you as building guidelines for trade.


Five – The desire to carry new innovations and ideas into new locales will urge you reach out to others. Travel will be key as you can easily direct individuals to the best places for safety and services and making connections based on each person’s talents and temperament. The caution for you as a five will be to balance your needs with those you serve.


Six – You will have your work cut out for you in this vibration since your task will be in the healing vibration. All types of healing will need to be addressed in this cycle. You may find yourself laying hands on those experiencing emotional as well as physical distress. Children will especially require your ability to nurture their spirits.


Seven – Sevens will be called upon to provide spiritual guidance in very practical ways. The task of the seven will be to alert the community to severe weather changes, help determine the best methods to accomplish common goals as well as be the counselor that many will need for reassurance and calm. Sevens will be the reminder that we are all connected to one another and to The Source.


Eight – In this cycle, your task will be to unite the energies of heaven and earth to manifest in physical reality. You will be the spiritual laborer who will provide sustenance for your community. In cooperation with others, you will lead the communication with the unseen nature forces that will be necessary to produce the foods needed to feed your neighbors. Very satisfying work for an eight!


Nine – Those in the nine cycle will have a high spiritual task in that they will be required to assist in the spiritual elevation and initiation of those ready to move to the next level of awareness. They will teach their students how to move between two dimensions, preparing them for the journey with unconditional love and support. Nines will assist their charges with the closing of one experience and the movement into another. They will be the ushers between the two worlds.


Eleven – You will work for the highest good of all, and will be a true leader in that respect. As an eleven you know that it’s not just enough for your small group to thrive, all must prosper together if we are to create and new and better world. Eleven’s have foresight and will use that knowledge to guide and direct the purpose of their new communities. If you are in an eleven personal year during 2012, you will feel the responsibility of your purpose stronger than anyone else. If you have tamed the ego, you will be an inspirational leader of many. Those in your life would do well to heed your advice at this time.


Twenty-Two – While eleven will seek to guide through higher purpose, twenty-two will have the concrete experience and ability to ground that guidance in practical terms. Persons in this cycle will be the ones to direct group projects that effect of all the community. They will have the know how to organize and follow plans to a beneficial conclusion. They can see the picture elevens are looking at and guide the group in bringing that picture into reality.


As you can see there is a great deal of work for each of us to do in 2012. Now is the time to prepare for the role each of us will play during this time of phenomenal change and transformation. It will be necessary for each of us to move fluidly through the cosmic and personal cycles ahead of us as part of that transformative process.


Copyright March, 2009

Susan Zummo is a highly motivated and qualified teacher of higher awareness. She is one of only three certified Perceptive Awareness Technique, Inc. (P.A.T.) facilitators and Soma Pi™ healing teachers in the world today. Susan, an Integrated Awareness graduate with over 20 years of experience, has been helping clients connect with their Higher Mind through Intuitive Counseling sessions, P.A.T. seminars and healing workshops. Susan became a P.A.T. facilitator 9 years ago and has helped many students gain access to their intuition via soul contact. Her teachings have helped her workshop attendees to reinforce their belief in self and their connection to a higher source. Susan’s workshop participants regard her as one of the most committed and positive spiritual teachers they have had the fortune to meet. Susan’s professionalism and compassion are her trademarks. Most of her students come to her through the glowing recommendations of former students. For more information on classes and private sessions contact Susan by email:;
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