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Get Repeated Revenue With Membership Sites


For those internet marketers that want a way of earning recurring cash month after month, membership sites are what they need. These sites can bring in consistent income month after month, with very little extra work required to maintain them. All they need is provide great content, information, software, games, e-books or music so that members can access it all, by paying a membership fee regularly.

Normally these sites are password protected, and generally, membership sites require users to pay a monthly fee. Most membership sites are protected by especial scripts that handle the managing of the usernames and passwords of members. They also take care of cancelling members whose payments are not going through, or those who cancel manually. 

It is a relatively simple task to start a membership site. If you have a billing provider, a script and content, that is all you need really. The script will take care of the automatic monthly billing, member’s management, and protection of the content in the members’ area. All you need is to set up the script, add a billing provider such as Pay Pal, and add content to the members’ area.

If a marketer gets burned out with their membership site, or they need money quickly for something, selling a membership site with members, can bring in pretty good cash. Another massive benefit of having your own membership site is that you can offer products and services to your list of members as an affiliate.

Simply poll or survey your members to see what their needs are, and find out affiliate programs that offer solutions to their problems. Sign up for a program, and send a link to your members, and you can generate relatively easy affiliate income.

And this, the getting of new members, is probably the most difficult part of managing a membership site.

Remember that the best way to get members is to run an affiliate program and have other people bring in members for you.

Another way of getting members is running PPC ads, advertising on forums, posting ads to relevant magazines and newspapers, and forming strategic partnerships and JV’s with other webmasters.

Your numbers of members will increase and so will your monthly income, which will be coming month after month. And to keep this level of earnings, you will need to continue to deliver what you have promised to your members, so that your subscriptions will remain constant, or perhaps even increase.

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