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Go beyond borders

Go Beyond Borders! I have borrowed this slogan from CNN – Cable News Network. I find the slogan fascinating, captivating and inspirational. Though a short sentence, it is a command that carries a lot of weight; action packed, action orientated. What are borders? They are generally understood to be areas or lines of demarcation between countries or towns. Geographically, borders assume the form of oceans, seas, rivers, mountains, forest belts etc. Borders could be walls, fences, even gates. These borders are visible and can be easily surmounted. But there are borders which are unseen; they may not even be known. These borders are everywhere, all over the world. We don’t seem to pay much attention to the effects they produce. They are dangerous and are spreading woe here and there .Which borders are these? They come in the form of religion, culture, politics, languages, gender biases, racism, and ethnicity. Do you know any more of such unseen borders? Doubtlessly, by going beyond borders, daring adventurers have explored the wild open seas and have got in touch with people of different socio-cultural backgrounds. Many place names of today carry memories of people who went beyond borders. By going beyond borders, all that at one time seemed impossible has become possible; scientific and geographical illusions have been broken. The sky is no longer the limit, as the saying goes. By going beyond borders, technology has brought into being new unimaginable inventions. Information and communication have bridged every gap and today this wide world has become one big village! Whatever happens in the remotest part of the world reaches every other place with the speed of lightning. But despite all these achievements, why is there no peace in the world? Everywhere we hear of war, strife, conflict, confusion, protests. There is killing and blood all over. Why all these things? People are over stressed, under pressure to do what they don’t want to do. New diseases are showing up here and there; people cannot stay in their own countries. Either they are seeking greener pastures elsewhere or they are running away from some kind of natural distress or oppression. One would have thought that education and religion could tame the human heart and enlighten the mind with spirituality based on virtuous and righteous living. Behind this our so called education and so called religion are lurking more dangerous borders like: anger,greed,envy,jealousy,hatred,lust,injustice,ingratitude,selfishness,pride,arrogance,prejudice;just go on naming them. Can you see some of these borders within yourself and in others? Can you not see how these hidden borders continue to plague the world? Can you not see how these borders are breaking up relationships, families and nations? If Mt Everest, the world’s highest peak has been overcome, how come these borders mentioned above continue to stand in our way? How do we go beyond these borders? It is not easy to change others but we can begin to effect change from within ourselves. Just begin to be aware of where you fall short and work at it from there. It behooves the leaders of the world, entrusted with the care and welfare of the people, to look for innovative, enlightening ways of governance. They have to start to set good examples —of humility and love in moderation. The show-off, pompous leadership is too much. When the Nations came together to form the Commonwealth and the United Nations, they were entrusted with the responsibility of bringing unity and love into the world. Are we anywhere near these goals? Half of the world seem to live in luxury while one half, if not more, live in poverty, disease and squalor. No wonder the underlings have risen up to chase the rulers out of their beds! I want to conclude this article with a piece of advice from the scriptures;

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residence Winneba,Central Region,Ghana,West Africa.

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PROFESSION:Teacher: school inspector-Ghana Education Service

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