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Google Analytics and DNN

Google Analytics is a free, fully featured website tracking system. It can even synced with Google Adwords to track how different ads work with getting visitors and conversions on your site.

How does Google Analytics work?
A piece of javascript is inserted into any page you want tracked by Google. Every time a viewer looks at your website, it is recorded by Google and tells you all of the pages they viewed with in your website. All the data is collected and stored in your Google account under Analytics.

Integrating Goolge Analytics Into Your Site
Putting javascript into a site can be tough, especially if its already been made or the website is template. However, if you are using DNN, as your content management system, it’s as easy as 1,2,3, thanks to the DotNetNuke Google Analytics module. This is a free module that can easily be integrated into your pre-existing Dot Net Nuke site. This module puts the javascript for Google Analytics into your DNN page. The Google Analytics module is a light-weight module that has been designed not to place a heavier load on your website.

Installing your Module on DNN 6:
1.) Login/setup an account at Google Analytics
2.) Login to your DNN Portal as a superuser or host account
3.) Rollover host and go to extensions. Click on the Available Extensions Tab.
4.) Click on the install button next to the Google Analytics module. After the module has been installed, it will appear under the ‘Module’ drop down list in the Control Panel, under the name “Google Analytics.”
5.) On the homepage of your DotNetNuke portal, click ‘Add New Module’ and add the “Google Analytics” to the page. You will be able to physically see the module in ‘Edit’ mode, but the module will disappear once logged out of DNN.
6.) To have all pages on your website tracked, click on the ‘Settings’ control for the Google Analytics module you created, then click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ section and check the ‘Display Module on All Pages’.

This is a great and simple module that allows you to easily check your traffic and look for areas that need some touch ups.

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