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Editor’s Note:
Smart talk for a long time for Google
NexusOne finally appeared, and “radical” that it would against the iPhone, mobile phone revolution set off; “conservatives” not agree to it, sensation does not affect the industrial chain. Google wishful thinking in the end is what? Nexusone what effects are? Reporter hopes to have a competing relationships and Google rivals and partners find the answer.

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“I glad I worry”??? Partners

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From “google to be a Gphone” rumors that India has “google” logo of NexusOne real appearance, which lasted more than a year. During this period, Google is planning the layout or wavering longer important, the key is Google’s open Android operating system has gradually come into fashion in the mobile phone market, and gained the support of more and more terminal manufacturers, a number of alliance partners .

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At Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, held NexusOne release ceremony,
, HTC Google partners such full debut. Easy to understand their relationship, Google and HTC have been good partners, Google software for the HTC, but HTC was Google to provide mobile terminal hardware products, and even Google their own brand this is the HTC OEM NexusOne , the body of the bottom with Google Logo and insignificant compared to H
ogo. Stake in the mobile phone market is to rely on Motorola Android to save themselves, to establish an alliance with Google, its first phone using Android system Droid received good market response.

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However, NexusOne appears, before the area with Google Android to cooperate in the mobile phone manufacturers feel a little confused and nervous, after all, Google their own cell phone and holding an open operating system, cooperation with others is very different. Although the chairman of Cher Wang of HTC to the competition from Google as HTC forward force. But she also acknowledged that Google Mobile is one of HTC’s rival.

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Google has repeatedly stressed that no intention to manufacture or sale of mobile phone hardware, and relies on hardware partners and wireless carriers to serve many of the Android phone to carry out promotional activities. However, NexusOne go back on the appearance that Google has, apparently, Google will move in the field as the next great opportunity, and in his view, through the strategic partner to deploy there is a huge risk, Google looking to enhance voice and control.

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Analysts believe that Google launched its own branded mobile phone is a dangerous move, this would greatly alienate Google Android partners with the relationship, of which both Motorola and
And other mobile phone makers, including Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile and other mobile operators.

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Yes, and Google co-operation for T-Mobile and Verizon operators, in the event of more business opportunities, it also brought a lot of trouble, because Google’s ultimate goal is a virtual store selling top Android phone It is this kind of virtual stores and T-Mobile and Verizon have similar competition in the field operators.

The industry view: In-Stat senior analyst tube D:

Perhaps this is already a decorated Bureau of Google, perhaps Google suddenly changed his mind. But this is not important, important is Google really want to personally pitched the. Google with NexusOne beautifully, may be a number of models have already failed to beat Android mobile phone iPhone, really feel disappointed. Google certainly hope NexusOne the emergence of smart phones to break the iPhone’s benchmark status, but it gives others the hardware vendors Android camp was injured. Those who have done or are prepared to do Android mobile phone operators, hardware manufacturers and platform vendors, do not know what it’s like to hear that: the original partners, will soon become very threatening to competitors, even if the were holding a “open source open “banner, Android is not actually any” out of the pie heaven. ” While Google has again reiterated that the company hope to have hundreds of Android phones, not a, but Google is no doubt the move will deter newcomers, perhaps gave the Symbian, WindowsMobile a chance.

Rival??? “Change the rules of the game”

NexusOne an appearance, almost everyone regarded as the challenges of iPhone rival. But Google’s approach, it seems deliberately to avoid confrontation with the iPhone’s face. Google skilfully carefully crafted as the first mobile phone NexusOne Superphone not Smartphone, and Apple’s iPhone has been different. Google officials also deliberately avoid NexusOne phone is not on the “iPhone killer” issue. Google spokesman replied simply: “multiple choices to consumers.”

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