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Hotels in Rishikesh India and Kayaking Tours

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Do you think only a simple trip to some exotic destination well serves your vacationing purpose? Of course not! Gone were the days when you only booked return trips, booked your accommodation space, and soon there you are back home, bringing faint memories captured in your cameras. Today’s vacationing trips are different. It all depends on which destination you opt to visit. Rishikesh in India is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. When you plan for a Rishikesh tour, you can think of pilgrimage, natural scenery, bird watching, adventure sports, and more. And then you can enjoy the best accommodation in hotels in Rishikesh India. Go for a trip that surpasses your expectations. You and your family will treasure the experiences for a lifetime. You will cherish the new friendships. You will take pride in the growth of knowledge. An indigenous experienced team will make it all happen. You will come across such a team in one of the top hotels in Rishikesh India.

When we speak about hotels in Rishikesh India that facilitates stay, mountain biking, river rafting, hiking, climbing, and kayaking tours, guiding you all throughout, you will come across only a counted one or two names. Imagine staying in cottages amid the scenic hilly milieu. And you will enjoy a wealth of facilities in-house ranging from swimming pool, spacious rooms for a wonderful stay, conference room for corporate meetings, restaurants, kids play area, training facilities for adventure sports, etc. Training is a must for freshers; you cannot just go for kayaking tours without training. Not all hotels in Rishikesh India offer training facilities.

Choosing the right hotel thus matters.

Every adventure sport is given detailed attention by your chosen hotel in Rishikesh India so that you feel at home and enjoy the activity without the least of apprehension. Of course seasoned experts hardly need guidance. Imagine about kayaking tours. Your Rishikesh hotel will only add a new dimension to the whitewater experience. If you are a fresher, you will first get to learn the first few steps such as paddling and getting into the comfort zone inside your boat. Yes, you can even learn the Eskimo roll in their dedicated swimming pool before moving onto the river. Kayaking tours are designed for children as well. There are special kayaks for small children for a faster and richer learning experience.

You will only be magnetized to plan Kayaking Tours frequently. And then experienced guides will lead your group down the river, giving you tips for safe whitewater kayaking. Kayaks that your kayaking tours operator uses will be quick, maneuverable, and very stable even if you paddle them with an aggressive spirit. Generally, it is the inflatable kayak (IK), or Ducky that is offered for use by a counted few Rishikesh kayaking tours company. An IK is more stable and easier to master compared to a hard shell kayak. Just visualize weaving your path through the waves, the randomness of the white water of the Ganga!

Neha Shukla is a writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. She has provided information on tour guide for Rishikesh Tour for Adventure and Yoga Packages. Here you can find information about all Rishikesh Hotels Rishikesh India and bird exploration, pilgrimage, yoga, Kayaking Tours and more can all happen in Rishikesh.

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