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How ClickBank Vendor and Affiliates Make Money Online

ClickBank is one of the best and probably the most popular online services dedicated to digital products which are by definition anything in e-formats. Examples of digital products are e-books and software programs. ClickBank marketplace is one of the online services where you promote and sell these digital products. There are two categories of people involved in ClickBank marketplace – the vendors and the affiliates. ClickBank vendors are responsible for providing the digital products to sell whereas the affiliates are those largely responsible for the selling of digital products on commission basis set by the vendors.

For you as a vendor to make good money off your digital products on ClickBank marketplace, there’s need for you to present a well finished product that will attract majority of the ClickBank affiliates. The product also must be of high demand otherwise few affiliates will be interested in promoting it. Another major factor is the pricing. If your product is overpriced, few people will be able to afford it. For me, I prefer selling digital product that cost $ 25 to 1000 potential buyers than to sell $ 50 to only 100 people. Affiliates do look out for quality and price among other things when choosing products to promote.

Next is the quality of the promotional tools. No matter how great your products are, you won’t find it easy recording any sale at all if your sales page and promotional materials are poorly designed. In this instance, there’s need for you to make sure that all the graphics on your landing page are professionally designed including the content template itself. If you overlook this, the chances of your success will be jeopardized by as much as 85%! If you can’t design those graphics yourself, hire a professional to do it.

It will save you a whole lot of trouble. Make sure your banners are in different sizes to suit most sites.

Another key factor is the contents of your sales page itself. If your product is purely an e-book, make sure the contents are up to date, this is very important as outdated contents will trigger agitations for refund. In your sales page, ensure that all the benefits of the e-book are well outlined in a professional manner. If your product is software, make sure it’s a useful one. The fonts and the background of your sales page must match properly to avoid eye irritation for the readers. This will ensure that the readers will stay longer on your page which will make it possible for them to click on your order form.

In conclusion, if you’re able to meet the criteria above with a very good affiliate program structure in place, you’ll definitely be a successful ClickBank digital product vendor. Having a very good affiliate structure means paying good commission to your affiliates since they’ll be your main source of sales force.


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