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How to Define Best eCommerce Website Features?

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There are a number of design features on an ecommerce website which an ordinary website does not have. To develop a best eCommerce Website with excellent features, you need to know the following things:

Effective navigation: Internet is offering new business opportunities each day. To avail this opportunity, your ecommerce website should be as user friendly as possible. Every prospect customer explores a lot before making his final decision to purchase, so an ecommerce website should be easy to navigate.  Try to make his navigation experience superb that insist him to return back to your website. Simple and clear navigation is one of the must have for developing a best ecommerce website. 

To the point description: Do not put things on your ecommerce website that distract the customer away from the products, you are selling.  Place accurate and to the point information of the product and services. Do add the images of products; however limit their size to avoid the extra loading time. The design of the website should be clear and simple, so that it can support your online business.

Display email address and customer service number prominently: Your customer service telephone number and email address should be present on the home page. A potential customer that visits your websites should have an easy way to contact you. You should respond to his query, if any, with in the promised time frame. Immediate responses can strong his decision of purchase from your ecommerce website. A customer demand immediate attention and a good ecommerce website have to accomplish it for successful business.

Offers and discounts at higher visibility: Place discounts, schemes and offers for customers at higher visibility. Put them at the place, where a prospect customer can easily notice and read them. A discount on the product or free shipping offer can be an attraction for the visitor, so if you have any then make them visible to the visitors. This will help to bring more customers and sales to your products.

Specific details about delivery and shipping: An important thing to remember is to make sure that you have specific information about delivery shipping and also returns. Provide your customer full disclosure of shipping policy and transactions. Let them know how the transaction will be displayed on their credit card statement. And the final thing, state your transaction currency in your ecommerce website.

These features must be present on a professional ecommerce website. A clearly organized website can give you an interactive audience, which can further change into customers. Above suggestions will definitely help you to develop a best eCommerce website.

Nitesh Ahir is focusing on eCommerce web development and CEO of web development company eSparkInfo Solution.

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