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How to Display XML Feed on Website

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If you are one of those types of webmasters using a system managing content which causes utilization of RSS XML feeds to be much simpler, then you can count yourself fortunate. For other individuals, the choices which are accessible are usually provided by companies that create that software. Most of the time, the instructions on its usage is filled with scientific terms.

One of the simplest methods I have found to display gist from an RSS XML feed on a web page is to utilize a ready to use PHP parser. Don’t fret on what that actually means. Simply regard it as an item that has been created; a black box which provides convenience to utilize matter from RSS feeds, then displaying them on your webpage.

In this manual, I used MagpieRSS since it is compact, works effectively, as well as being handed out under the GPL. This means that you can utilize it without any charge. MagpieRSS is printed in PHP. Therefore, you would require a competent hosting account which can permit one in completing PHP scripts.

Following the objective of this manual, I shall assume that you possess some basic knowledge on websites. For example, methods in carrying out FTP, alter file permissions and so on. It would be outside the compass of this piece of writing to cover the fundamentals of running a webpage.

On the other hand, let’s cover what is most likely the hardest steps; showing content from an RSS feed on your webpage. Firstly, you have to download the most recent reliable release of MagpieRSS. Then, take out the subject matter of the ZIP file onto your computer. The main files that you would require inside the ZIP folder include,,, You would also want the extlib file with the file in it.

Make a recent file to show your feed of RSS. For my file, I named it index.php. In the file, duplicate and insert the contents which are given below, then save it. Upload the entire files and folder which is referred to earlier to one’s hosting account. You can place them at the location you want. Just make sure the folder is still in the extlib file. Now you can go to the file you created utilizing your web brower.

These are the general guidelines that one needs to follow. Once you have reached this far, adapting how you show the substance of your feed is really simple. You just have to refer to the webpage of MagpieRSS for assistance on steps to get it done.

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