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How to Find a Last Minute Holiday

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The British weather has been playing its caprices on us again this summer and for many of us it is even hard to imagine that the ‘real’ summer is still at its height everywhere else… You know which one I’m talking about – the one with clear blue skies and hours and hours of unobstructed golden sunshine when you don’t have to dash out to make the most of it today because it will simply be still there tomorrow and the next week for you to enjoy.

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On a positive note, this is a good excuse for us to leave everything behind and set out on a journey in search of the ‘real’ kind of summer. Luckily, and even on a more positive note, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a long and expensive trip! This is actually the best time to book that cheap summer holiday. Although the tour operators have been telling us how they slashed their capacities due to the recession, there are still plenty of empty beds in the hotels and empty seats on the flights waiting to be filled.

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Deciding to book a holiday on the spur of the moment can be such a good idea. If you are one of those experienced and internet savvy travellers, just turn on your computer and immerse yourself in all those jazzy looking travel websites competing for your attention. Lot of them offer full service ‘under one roof’ from the initial search of your destination to making your reservation including your payment processing, weather service and pre-ordering your foreign currencies. And the best thing is that this is all actually happening under the roof of your own house!

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To get the best possible bargain out of booking your holiday online, here are just a few useful hints and tips:

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– Be flexible, whether it’s the airport you fly from or the date, you will increase the chances of the system searching for more available options.

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– Ideally, be also flexible on the destination. Of course, if you are a party animal, nobody would expect you to book your holiday in a tranquil village on the outback of Turkey or Greece. But the legendary party scene of Ibiza can also easily be found in booking your last minute holiday to Marmaris, Malia, Ayia Napa, Magalluf or Faliraki.

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– Book a package holiday with standard duration of 7 or 14 nights, they always tend to be cheaper

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– Try to avoid the Eurozone if possible, for example last minute holidays to Turkey or Tunisia are a good example how inexpensive a good quality all-inclusive holiday can be.

– Booking your holiday online can offer extra discounts.

As booking your cheap package holiday online is in principle a DIY thing, some of us may feel a bit lost or lonely in this process. In this case, many travel websites encourage their customers to contact their call centre staff by providing them with free phone numbers, so why not reach for your phone? The call centre teams are formed of fully trained travel advisors who are always at hand to help you with your holiday choices and any advice you may need. They can even make the reservation on your behalf. Speaking to a friendly, well mannered and erudite person can only enhance the whole experience. Of course, whilst this is all happening from the comfort of your own home, some of us may prefer the most traditional method of booking our holiday face to face with a high street travel agent. You are assured to have their undivided attention and many of them will gladly share their personal holiday experience with you and become your favourite ‘real person’ to book your holidays with on regular basis.

Last minute holidays to Spain, Greece, Turkey and other Mediterranean destinations can be booked at amazing prices. Whether you are travelling with children, you are a couple or a single traveller, there are still some great bargains around to be pocketed this summer. How about last minute holiday deals to Crete, Corfu or Zante in Greece starting from only £230 per person? Fancy all inclusive? No problem, Turkey has still got deals to Marmaris from £329 per person in four star hotels! And the list could just go on and on…

Why not cheat the British weather for a change this summer and exchange it for a sun-toasted sandy beach lined with palm trees and warm blue sea? There is still time and hundreds of last minute holiday deals available begging to be booked. They are hot, hot, hot…. And just a few clicks away… so stop enviously watching all those tempting TV adverts, it could be actually you on that sunbed with a book and exotic cocktail!

Booking a cheap holiday is not easy – you need to know where to begin to acheive this. Once you have understood the reasons why a cheap holidays exists it should be easy for you to locate one.

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