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How to Find a Niche For Your eBay Affiliate Program

In order to learn how to find a niche that is good enough to make money on the eBay affiliate program, you need to know about various aspects of search engine tactics as well as keyword research. This can be a rather tiring task but the foundation of your entire eBay affiliate internet marketing campaign derives from the niche you choose.

As you probably already know, a niche is a specific area of a larger market. For example, in the market of cell phones, smart phones would be a smaller niche of cell phones and a specific brand and model of smart phones would be the micro niche of that market. The micro niche is what we are after, providing its profitable.

In order to determine if its profitable, and to understand how to find a niche, I start off by creating a list of 100-150 keyword ideas I have, but am passionate about. The reason I want to be passionate about these keywords is that I will need to write a lot about this subject. I then use Google AdWords: Keyword Tool to further my research on this list of keywords. I type every keyword into the Keyword Tool and a list is returned to me. The list contains a wealth of information but the information I’m concerned about is the amount of searches for that keyword locally and globally last month, keywords related to that main keyword, and advertiser competition.

This information is important to me because I need to know that; the keyword is searched for on a regular basis by a large amount of people, if that keyword is too competitive I have a list of fall back keywords based on that main keyword, and the advertiser competition will give me a gauge of how much I can make from using advertisements on my site.

If all feels right to this point, I then search in Google for that keyword and check the each page of the first two pages of the results to determine the Page Ranking of each page.

If the pages are 5 and above, I have to find another keyword because it will take much longer then expected to reach that level and make me money.

If you’ve passed through all of these tests so far, you’ve almost completed the journey on how to find a niche for an eBay affiliate! Next I type the related product into eBay and find out if the product is regularly listed (if it isn’t, you won’t have anything to sell on your page at times) and if more then half the products listed are being bid on. That is key because there are tons of products that are listed but never bid on, so you want the demand aspect of the supply and demand curve to be satisfied.

Starting a quest on how to find a niche for the eBay affiliate program can be a difficult task. The steps listed are the ones I’ve had success with to make me money and I hope will do the same for you!

Will Platin
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