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How to Use Clickbank – Guide For New Clickbank Affiliates

Want to learn the right way to use Clickbank? From experience, I can tell that promoting Clickbank products as an affiliate could be one impossible task for beginners but an easy one if you have the right knowledge. Often, new Clickbank marketers believe all the hype about Clickbank and start promoting blindly. They tend to get as many traffic as possible including spamming, safelist, traffic exchange, classified ads, MySpace and Twitter. That’s the wrong way to do it.

Product selection: How to use Clickbank search and tracking ID

You can access this feature at Clickbank marketplace. The search result can be sorted into these categories:

Popularity: This is measure of a publisher’s net sale over time.
High gravity: Gravity score is calculated based on how many unique affiliates successfully selling the products in the last eight weeks and not how many products are sold. Avoid gravity lower than 1, since gravity lower than 1 means no many affiliate was making sale last week.
% referred: The percentage sales made by affiliates.
Future $ : This is for products with recurring monthly commissions. For most products, this value is not available.

Once you get the right product to promote, it’s time to create hoplink. There are two forms – Clickbank nickname and tracking ID (optional). Tracking ID enables you to track sales from different traffic sources. For example, different keyword from search engines.

It’s not about traffic. It’s about getting buyer traffic. More important, it’s about conversion.

The fact is, you don’t need over one million traffic to make $ 100 per day with Clickbank.

Getting ten traffic per day is more than enough to earn $ 200/day, as long as the traffic convert into buyers. Keep in mind that each traffic represents one real visitor and each visitor has different intention. The best traffic source comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Youtube or Bing. There are several ways to get search engine traffic:
Bum marketing using Ezine Articles, Squidoo or Hubpages. Article websites such as Ezine Articles, or Hubpages are loved by Google due to lots of backlinks and good content. Did I mention that it is free? Yes, you can register and post articles at these directories and get traffic for free.
Paid marketing using AdWords. This one is my favorite. Just because you need to pay, it doesn’t mean it cost lots of money. You can make around $ 20 – $ 30 per day with Clickbank just by spending $ 5 per day on pay-per-click ads. AdWords is a powerful tool, but you need to utilize it wisely. Target only the long-specific keywords. Of course it will bring less traffic, but the conversion is higher and since the traffic volume is low, you’ll pay less.
Not recommended traffic source for beginners.

Don’t get me wrong. Some affiliates do make lots of money from these source. However, it could take long before to see significant traffic and even longer to make the first sale.

Search engine optimization (SEO). Unless if your domain is old enough with lots of backlinks, it could take months time to see your website on first page of Google. Use bum marketing above as a great alternative for SEO.
Twitter traffic. It could be hard to get lots of Twitter followers and it would be harder to convert traffic from Twitter into sales. If you want to get traffic for blog or website promotion, this could be an option. However, if you want to make the money, avoid this one.
Forum marketing. Forum could be a great source of buyer traffic, but it takes time. Use forum marketing for just extra traffic strategy. The same goes for social media traffic like MySpace, and social bookmark sites.
Must-have for every Clickbank marketers

The strongest weapon for internet marketers is mailing list. Although people could subscribe to your content via RSS, email marketing, in my opinion is still better. These are reasons why you should grow mailing list:

Your content is delivered right into customer’s inbox. So, you get their attention first.
Unlike RSS, you can automate the content delivery for certain periods. Some marketers even automate their follow-up messages for one year period.
If you want to create your own product soon, you can easily sell to your list. No need to worry about traffic.
Your list will be customers for lifetime.
Unlike landing pages or blogs, you can try selling to your list many times.
People on the internet tend to think twice before buying. In most cases, they forget at all. By sending them emails, you can remind them about the product and how good it is.

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