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Implement this Major Step to Get More Leads From Your Website!

Affiliate, Website, Turnkey, Money Making

Are you aware of how many visitors your website is getting?
Do you know where they are coming from?
Do you know what percentage of your website visitors convert into a lead?

Affiliate, Website, Turnkey, Money Making

If you are unable to answer any of the above questions, then the first step you must take is implement Google Analytics onto your website, so that you can start tracking your website performance, it’s the only way to know if your website is working for you or not. The first step to tracking your website activities would be to sign up for a Google Analytics account and then place the code on each page that you want to track. The next step will be to set up your website goals, so that you can track your conversion rate. (Stay tuned in the next article for a step by step tutorial for setting up your Google Analytics Account).

Affiliate, Website, Turnkey, Money Making

Your goal for implementing Google Analytics should be to:

Affiliate, Website, Turnkey, Money Making

Determine if and how much traffic your website is getting
Determine the percentage of your traffic that is converting into a Lead

Affiliate, Website, Turnkey, Money Making

Why determine how much traffic your website is getting?
If your website is not getting traffic, then you know that your website is not properly optimized to be found by the search engines for keywords that people are using to find and locate businesses like yours. This is very important! If you simply just built a website and did not to market or promote your website, then don’t be surprised if you are not getting any leads from your website. Build it and they will come doesn’t exist. You need to optimize your website to get found by the search engine so that you can reach all the people online who are searching for your services at a time when they need it!

Affiliate, Website, Turnkey, Money Making

Your website would be a goal mine for generating new leads for your business if it is used effectively! It should be your number one marketing tool.

Affiliate, Website, Turnkey, Money Making

Why determine the percentage of traffic that is converting into a Lead.

Affiliate, Website, Turnkey, Money Making

It’s imperative that you keep track of the number of leads that you get from your website.
Why? If your website is optimized and you are promoting it, using different marketing vehicles, like search engine optimization, pay per click, social media, word of mouth, tv, radio, print, email marketing, etc, and you are receiving traffic but very little to no leads at all, then it means your website is not converting your visitors into leads and therefore there is something wrong with your website design. At this point you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your website to determine how well it is catering to the needs of your target audience and identify some changes that can be made to make your website more effective.

Now leads, can contact you several ways, by phone, email or an online form. The best way to track your website leads is to make sure that you have a lead generation form implemented on the homepage of your website with a compelling call to action.

By arming yourself with your website statistics, you could simply eliminate the guessing game of why your website isn’t producing a return on investment. Many of you are using different promotion methods and are scratching your heads when you don’t see the return on investment, first you need to find out if it’s really working, if it’s reaching your target market. The only way to do so is to track your marketing efforts.

Nicole McCullum is the founder of Captivate Designs, a New York Web Design Company servicing clients throughout the U.S., Canada and UK. Captivate Designs offers Web Design New York clients’ professional web design that projects a professional image, establish credibility, and convert more visitors into leads and customers. For more information please contact her at or for more helpful tips visit her blog at

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