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Knowing More About ClickBank Refund System

ClickBank’s refund system is something that has a positive as well as a negative effect in the world of internet marketing. Let’s begin first with the positive. For customers who transact via the internet and through affiliate networks like ClickBank, the refund system is something that they carefully check out before even signing in to purchase and pay for the product.

Most often than not, when a particular customer asks for a refund, there really is not much hassle involved in it. The case varies of course, depending on the merchant of the product, if there will be an attempt to save a particular sale. I have to emphasize though that ClickBank has already specified reasons as to when a particular customer can be eligible for a refund.

ClickBank also seeks for justifiable reason as to why a customer demands for a refund. If the reason is valid, then the refund is made. Another measure taken by ClickBank is the banning of customers who have availed of their refund privileges. This means that the customer will no longer be able to do transactions with ClickBank.

So, why don’t we get into the details which defines if a refund claim is valid. Here are the reasons that are acceptable in ClickBank’s terms.

• Products that are deceptive: This is applicable if a particular product is wrongly advertised.

• Violation of copyright

• Unsatisfactory: A customer may claim that the product simply does not live with the expectations.

Apart from the three which I initially mentioned, here are some other specifications when it comes to refunds.

1. Refund should be claimed before the 60 day period which starts on the day of purchase. This will allow customer to claim 100% of the amount spent on the product.

2. For some cases wherein the refund claim was done 60 days after the product, the customer will then be referred to the seller of the product or the vendor so that the solution to the problem may be sought. Vendor may also seek refund in behalf of the customer.

3. Seeking for refund does not necessarily require the customers to contact the vendor first. Customer may simply go straight to ClickBank.

4. For every refund claim, the vendor of the products only has twenty-four hours so he could opt to save that particular sale. If the vendor fails to attempt within this given period, the refund will be processed directly.

5. If the account originally made for that sale was already closed, the refund will not push through.

6. If a particular refund was for a product which involves subscription, the customer will only be entitled for a refund of the latest payment. Termination of the subscription then follows.

So those are the concerns which involve the refund system in ClickBank. Hopefully this will be used only for good and valid reasons.


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Clickbank refunds: how to get a refund at Clickbank using the internet customer self help.

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