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Last Minute Flights – Learn How to Find Huge Discounts on Airfare at the Last Minute

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Are you planning to fly somewhere soon but don’t yet have airfare? It’s a misconception that airfare is the cheapest when it’s booked in advance. You can also find some amazing discounts on last minute flights. Whether you want to fly to a domestic or international destination, you can still save money even if you book one or two days before the departure date.

Whether it’s an emergency matter or a quick weekend getaway, the best place to look for flight deals is online. There are some surprisingly good bargains available for those who want until the last minute to book their flights.

You can also save if you are flexible with your destination. For example, it might be a lot cheaper to fly into Newark and take a bus or train into NYC instead of flying directly to JFK or LaGuardia. You might be able to save $ 100 if you are willing to spend a bit of extra time traveling via bus or train.

If you have an airline preference, call your favorite airline and ask them about their last minute deals. Try to negotiate a lower price. Sometimes you might get lucky! It all depends on how desperate the airline is to fill all of its seats up.

However, you shouldn’t rely solely on one airline. It’s good to have at least two or three in mind. Visit websites that will allow you to compare airfares from multiple airliners. You might be able to save up to 70% if you look hard enough! You might even be able to find deals within 24 hours of departure.

It’ll be easier to find these kinds of deals if you are traveling alone or with your partner.

You probably won’t be able to find any last minute flights for your entire family.

The best time to search is at night or early in the morning. This is usually the time during which airlines want to sell off all of their tickets on a flight the next day. They are in a hurry to fill the empty seats up. You can receive notification on your cell phone or iPod for when flights go on sale.

When booking online, choose a site that offers a quick order process. You don’t want to waste time filling out page after page. Also, be sure to inquire whether or not the airfare is refundable. Most last minute flights are NOT refundable, but you still might be able to get a partial refund if something comes up and you have to cancel at the last second.

Now that you know how to find last minute flights, check out Travelocity deals! Along with cheap flights, you can find discounts on cruises, hotels, family vacations, car rentals, & more!

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