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Last Minute Gift Ideas For Men

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It may not be easy shopping for the man in your life and men often complain of receiving the same gifts year in, year out from their women. Several reasons explain this, either the ladies don’t understand their men or the male taste has transformed into something the female folks don’t understand.

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Whatever the case, below are some customizable gift ideas, I’ve also included some of the things that you shouldn’t dare bring your man. These gift items are good for any occasion and they’re good enough to be appreciated by your man.

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Books and or Magazine Subscriptions : Tailored to the recipient taste

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The above could seem a little bit odd at first, but think about it. Books and magazine subscriptions can be easily tailored to make a nice personal present. Try to tailor it to the recipient taste, for instance if your man is a sports fan, get him sports magazine subscription.

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Any man who’s a sports fan will readily appreciate a photo book of his favorite team or similarly sports statistics. People who are science and technology oriented will love a subscription to The Scientific or any other science and technology magazine such as the The National Geographic Edition. Possibilities are endless here, so keep yours eyes wide open.

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Sporting Event

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Nearly every university and college in the nation has a sporting team, whether baseball, football or basketball or car racing. Thinking of sports, it’ll be good to get your man a ticket to a sporting event, these are seasonal and work really well to a man who is a sports fan.

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Personalize it by taking the recipient along or purchasing double tickets so that he can take a pal or family member along. A sport filled day with beer and hotdogs is sure to make any man happy.

Movie subscription

Men love movies, and most men have a genre or two that appeals to them. Fans of the movie theater experience will appreciate movie gift cards. A couple free movies will give your man a good opportunity to relax and escape (atleast temporary) from the pressures of life.

Those who prefer watching movies from home will appreciate a Blockbuster or Netflix subscription. Personalize the package by including a list of movies and TV shows that they love most. Draw a list and include in the gift card. if you’re living together then make sure he can use the TV to watch the movies.

Dinner Out

Do you know his favorite restaurant? why not get him a gift cards with sufficient balance to cover a nice meal. If your man is into outdoor activities, a Bass Pro Shop gift card Cabela’s is good. The biggest advantage of gift cards is that they can be purchased online, making them a wonderful last minute gift.

Gifts to avoid

Avoid generic gift cards such as an Amazon or Wal Mart gift cards because they simply not thoughtful, they may also not cater to the recipient tastes.

Neckties make for awful gifts for men. A man can simply pick up a tie on his own and men taste when it comes to ties is very different from a woman’s. There are chances that 99 per cent of whats he loathes could be deemed cute by a woman. If a tie is the only option you have, then try to stick to simple designs and solid color. Small checks or dots are good when it comes to design. No cartoons or flowers please.

Underwear and socks can be bought by men when they feel like and any woman interested in impressing her man should stay away from purchasing these. Besides these are not thoughtful gifts.

Simple toolsets are a no go zone ladies. If you wanna get him a toolset, then ask him he would like to receive. The idea is to get him something he will love using.

Basic personal grooming gear is also not good, the only exception to this rule is when you know the cologne your man loves using.

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