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Last Minute Holidays to Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating country, which not only attracts people to its fabulous beaches, but also to its wondrous historical sites and areas of natural beauty. So if you haven’t booked your holiday this year yet, then here are some reasons why you might want to think about last minute holidays to Egypt.

The majestic River Nile, all 4,160 miles of it making it the longest river in the world, has been the life blood of Egypt since civilization began, with 95% of Egyptians living within a 12 mile radius of the magnificent river. Many holidaymakers choose a Nile Cruise for their last minute holidays to Egypt as they give the best opportunity of seeing many different attractions in one holiday, all from the relaxation of your floating hotel. It’s often a popular choice to take a week’s cruise and a weeks stay at one of the fantastic beach resorts such as Taba, Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada.

Holidays in Egypt offer the chance to see the sole survivor of the seven ancient wonders of the world, The Pyramids at Giza. Along with the imposing Temples at Luxor and Karnak, the stunning sunsets over the Valley of the Kings, and the mesmerising light show at the mighty tombs of Abu Simbel, they create some of the most famous attractions anywhere in the world.

You may prefer to relax on one of the many fabulous beaches that holidays in Egypt have to offer, where you can take the opportunity to try scuba or deep sea diving in some of the most fascinating underwater settings in the world. Ras Mohammed National Park has some of the most beautiful underwater scenery you will ever see, as does Tiran Island and the popular diving resort of Dahab. While the mountainous desert surroundings glow in the setting sun, a wonderful sight, befitting the aptly named Red Sea region.

The prominent culture in Egypt is Islam and you’ll often hear the hypnotic ‘call to prayer’ ringing through the streets. Egyptians are naturally warm and welcoming people and extend a great hospitality to those who visit. It is equally expected that tourists respect their religion and appreciate the lifestyle of these gracious people.

So if you’re still wondering where to go for this year’s holiday, then consider looking at last minute holidays to Egypt, they are not in the Euro and the exchange rate on the Egyptian pound offers great value for money at the present time.

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