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Dream Job Alert: Get Paid To Judge Dating Profiles
For $ 29 any schlub with a Tinder account can have their profile reviewed “anonymously and confidently” by “ten men or women in your desired age group.” These reviewers answer specific questions you have ( ex. “does this fedora make me look fat?“) and …
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Don't read the comments—they can make you mistrust real experts
This is why product reviews by consumers online and other “electronic word-of-mouth” communications are often seen as a trusted resource. The question is whether this trust extends to matters of public health, where … To test how much people trusted …
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Big Data May Help Computers ID Emotions Tied to Images
‪They also adapted this sentiment analysis engine with some images extracted from Twitter. In this case they employed “crowd intelligence,” with multiple people helping to categorize the images via the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. They used only a‬ …
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