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Quora Question: What Sort of Mental Health Demands Do Pilots Experience?
The military and many airlines do specific testing to make sure pilot candidates are well balanced (whatever that means) and have healthy methods of dealing with stress. In the main, they look like anyone else's: exercise, hobbies, vacations, etc.
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Go See Adam Carolla's Movie About Paul Newman and Race Cars
He understood what makes it a great and complex pastime, and just as important, became legitimately good at it—no small task when you're talking 200 mph at Le Mans. Filming Winning introduced Newman to motorsport the … are all different, most end …
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There's Money, and Valuable Lessons, in Turning Your Hobby into a Business
However, in the worst-case scenario you will probably make a little money and get invaluable lessons in startups, email and social media marketing, and ecommerce. I don't see any downside in that. Have you succeeded at turning a hobby into a business?
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Young Professional of the Week
Education: West Ouachita High School. Job: Equipment sales representative, OfficeLinx. Hobbies: Traveling, hunting and fishing. Career philosophy: Knowledge is gained only when a question has been answered; this knowledge is the basis on which we make …
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