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Ricocheting Ideas Make Bassnectar's Sound
Although I'm a control freak, and kind of an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist, I also just really like ricocheting ideas off other people. I think that music and art are richer when they're a product of a team. It's the same thing with making movies …
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Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: Is your relationship with money sabotaging
Make notes about these old messages. Write a “money biography” — the history of your relationship with money from childhood to present. Also, list your fears about money, no matter how silly or contrived they might seem. Our unspoken attitudes and …
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'Funk, God, Jazz & Medicine,' Black Heritage in Brooklyn
To save money, the imaginary couple have been making their own furniture and décor from recycled domestic materials (cardboard, cloth scraps, plastic). Ms. Bailey refers to the style as a “funk aesthetic,” and you can find earlier versions of its …
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