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Learn How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

For most people, making money online is an impossible dream. But still there are plenty of people that have been at it for literally years, quietly (or sometimes loudly) making a killing online. The fact that some people make thousands of dollars online per month is proof enough that the internet can become a substantial source of income within a very short period of time. Perhaps the most notable way that people are making money via the internet is by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a simple way to produce extra income that can be repeated and scaled up to increase the returns exponentially. This method consists of three basic steps:

1. Become an affiliate of some product or service.

2. Promote the product or service as an affiliate.

3. Sell the product or service through your affiliate link and get paid a percentage of the commission for the sale by the developer of the product or service.

There are affiliate programs for nearly everything that exists in today’s society. Wal-Mart, Amazon, eBay, Target, K-Mart etc. all have affiliate programs! Most affiliate programs are free to join; some may require you join their service/buy their product first, but usually you’ll be able to start promoting without even doing that. However, just promoting a product isn’t going to get you anywhere. To start actually making money online as an affiliate, you’re going to have to put some effort into learning how to market effectively.

But lucky you, because you’re in the right place to do just that! Below are some tips to help you understand the best ways to market.

1. Choose niche, or a micro niche
If you’re completely new to internet marketing, then you’ve probably never heard of niches or micro niches, but if you’re even slightly knowledgeable then you know what these are.

Niches are subcategories of specific topics that a marketer should aim for to increase their chances of a sale. Micro niches are even smaller populations of a market that really increase the chances of making a sale within that particular niche. An example of a topic would be Golf. A niche would be golf putters and tees, and a micro niche would be a specific brand of putter or tee. Targeting a micro niche is great, but because many of these are less searched and populous, the low competition is kind of a trade off. As an internet marketer, you can start by targeting several micro niches, promoting an affiliate product through them, and then make several small streams of income that become one big pay off in the end.

2. Find a product to promote
Finding a product is quite simple; there are literally thousands of products being promoted through affiliate networks, and it can sometimes be as simple as a search on eBay or Amazon. Find a product in your niche or micro niche and then you can start searching out keywords.

3. Find the right keywords
Keywords, the words that people type into search engines Like Google or Yahoo!, are your most powerful weapon as an affiliate marketer. Finding several keywords related to your micro niche that have low competition is the best way to start out. You can get ranked for those keywords and then start getting more traffic and eventually some of your targeted traffic will give you sales.

4. Write an Article Write an article using free article submission sites or blogs that will allow you to talk about your specific micro niche in detail. Your article should talk about the micro niche quickly and precisely, and it doesn’t need to be excellently written to get sales. The goal of your article will be to use your specific affiliate link to get sales, so simplify the process and don’t have a lot of extra material. Don’t shy away from the topic and be informative, but don’t be overly so and cut to the chase. Suggest the product you’re promoting at the beginning or end of the page.

After you’ve done all of this, you’re done! But only with one product. If you really want to make substantial capital online, then you’ll have to commit to this process repeatedly. The good thing is that after you finish one hyper targeted micro niche promotional page, you’ll be able to let it sit and garner you sales for as long as you need. Some products will convert into sales better than others, and you’ll inevitably learn how to target and become a better marketer as time goes on. You will not likely see money overnight, but with constant work and trial and error, you’ll become a great affiliate marketer.

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