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Make Sure Your Freshman Gets a Money-Smart College Start

Make Sure Your Freshman Gets a Money-Smart College Start
Depending on your financial situation and how you've planned for your teens' college education, it might make sense to begin with an overview of your financial commitment to their education and what their financial responsibilities will likely be once …
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Back-to-school shopping tactics, ninja style
Buying secondhand is especially good for kids at the ends of the spectrum, from youngsters who quickly outgrow clothes to older kids who crave pricey brand names and can get more for their money used. Shop at local thrift or consignment shops, or …
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Teaching Kids About Money
I think a great way to keep kids' minds sharp, regardless of the holiday length, is to teach them about money. It's never too early to start. In fact, the sooner, the better … your children to start funding their account. Additionally, you might make …
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Dollars and sense: Early education key when it comes to your children, money
Show your worth ethic: Show your child money is something to earn, not just receive for free. Understand budgets: Households have limited … “My middle child shared that he really enjoys having the online banking option and being able to access his …
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