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The world of reseller hosting may be a little confusing to some. Though with the right tips in hand anybody can be a reseller hosting success. In

a nut shell, reseller hosting is a form of web site hosting where the account owner has the ability to use their allotted space and bandwidth to

host their own or a third parties’ web site.  The account owner can sell the allotted space and bandwidth to the third party in question, and (in

most cases) make a profit.

To help you get started in the world of reseller web hosting, here are a few tips you may look into or follow:

1. Act as a referral partner for the parent company.  This is a safe and easy option for reseller hosting, since it doesn’t involve you having to

run customer accounts.  Instead, you earn commission for every customer you refer to the parent company who then signs up.  The downside to this

option is that you need to have an online marketing presence, through a review website or ad campaign

2. Start small.  One of the great advantages of reseller hosting is that you only need a computer and an internet connection to get started – you

don’t need to invest lots of money or get to grips with complicated technical applications.  For that reason, you should start by concentrating on

reselling web space.  This is simple and straightforward, and a good way to earn whilst building a client base and gaining experience.

3. For the same reason, it’s also a good idea to start with shared hosting, since this is the simplest form of web hosting that you can resell.   

As your business expands, you can look at offering more advanced reseller services, such as dedicated and co-located hosting, domain name

registration and merchant accounts.

4. Work towards getting your own server.  This will give you a greater share of the profits over time.  However, it also involves greater

responsibility for maintenance, back-up and repair, so you should only consider this option when you are confident that you can handle these

technical requirements.

5. Don’t neglect your marketing and sales strategy.  Your reseller business won’t make money if nobody can find you.  So be very clear on who your

target customers are, and how you can reach them.  This means constructing a well-optimized home site for your reseller hosting business, and

running a well-targeted ad campaign.

6. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help, guidance and customer feedback.  There is plenty of free advice available on the web to help you

decide on the approach that will best suit your purposes.  Remember, you may need to try several approaches before you find the reseller hosting

strategy that works for you.

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