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Media Buying for Affiliate Marketing ? How to Select the Appropriate Media

The profit of the media buyer is directly related to the sales, made through the media, he/she is working with. Therefore, it is crucial to find the most appropriate media, where you can promote offers that convert, and sell them to ready-to-buy target group representatives.

Before selecting the most relevant media for your campaign, you have to choose the business niche and the concrete product to promote. Currently Lidango – one of the reputable affiliate networks, has some great offers in the health and diet sector that bring great revenue. The selection of a winning niche to work in is an extremely important factor for a successful campaign. Lidango is constantly monitoring the market trends to find and work in the most perspective businesses. The relevant media for your campaign would be these websites, where you can find the target group of the product to be promoted. Therefore, in order to choose the most appropriate media, you have to identify your target group.

There are many different tools to define the relevant media, some of the free and most popular being, of course Google, then Quantcast (for USA), Google Ad Planner, These tools allow you to shortlist the websites to target your potential users – your task now is to choose the right ones for your campaign with attention to your budget and expected results. Of course, the ones on the first places are the most popular, but also the most expensive. Lidango marketers note, that a popular website, does not necessarily means a convertible one. Sometimes smaller websites attract more ready-to-buy clients. For example, e-commerce gurus have recently started to question the relevance of banner advertising in social networks, assuming that users are not in the purchasing mood when entering their social profiles. However, this is an interesting theory yet to be proven, but at the moment, we cannot object the influence of social networks in millions of online users everyday life. You can always ask your account manager for advice on finding the most relevant media, as long as you are not a freelancer.

Once you have shortlisted your target websites, you have to prepare for negotiations. It is always better to purchase smaller volumes from the selected media in order to test and monitor the conversions. You can later fine-tune your long-term campaign and buy higher volumes from the best performers. You have to negotiate the lowest price per unit in the most promising websites in respect of your target audience. The best method to aim for is CPC, as that way you have the greatest chance to actually close deals with users that are interested in your product. The CPM method is less appropriate, as it generates great volumes of impressions to non interested users, that do not represent your target group and therefore would not buy the promoted product. Lidango is working with both methods, striving at more CPC offers.

Here is a summary of the steps to follow:

Find your ready-to-buy target group.

Make an in-depth research on the media that targets your potential customers.

Negotiate deals on the most profitable CPC rate.

Daily monitor your results.

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