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Mp3 Patent Case Of The Pain Of China-made Audio Standard On This Responsibility-mp3, Audio,

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Intellectual property issues, following another wave of just peace.
2006 7 months, Huaqi and Lang Branch reconciliation, have been troubled by the domestic digital and mobile storage patents in the field camp spread good information, last 4 years of the nation’s largest flash drive patent dispute was finally settled.

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However, domestic manufacturers could not happy for long. Last weekend, in the global consumer electronics, IT and communications industry’s annual major exhibition?? CeBIT Fair in Hanover, Germany, China’s famous plays MP3 manufacturers face patent Waterloo.

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It is reported that Chinese enterprises and Newman Huaqi company’s products due to alleged violations of the Italian Sisvel company’s patents related to MP3, CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, German customs booth was confiscated. Chinese manufacturers patent

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pain To Chinese enterprises in Germany rebuffed the mp3 audio standard, while lifting the stick of an Italian patent company Sisvel. Local news from Germany confirmed that, as of last Friday afternoon local time, a total of 12 companies stand to be searched, hundreds of products shall be seized by German customs. MP3 from China, which suffered the largest manufacturer of combat, have been confirmed vendors include Huaqi Patriot, Newman and the step from Shenzhen and other digital music.

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Learned, Sisvel have MPEG-2 patents outside the United States. If the production involves MPEG-2 standard MP3, MP4 and other video products, each product must be paid to the Sisvel 60 cents (equivalent to 4.8 yuan) in royalties. If eventually convicted of criminal prosecution if the suspect would be related to up to 5 years imprisonment The incident

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Mp3 detained, but Chinese companies face patent suppression case tip of the iceberg. For a long time, due to the audio and video industries do not have the core technical standards, and the enterprises have been subject to foreign patents and technology standardization organizations

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2006 year, Konka, Changhong, Skyworth and a series of set-top box manufacturers have been receiving a European organization quickly by MPEG-LA, applied to each set-top box MPEG-2 standard 2.5 U.S. dollars demanded royalties. Before that, China’s disc players, sound and color TV enterprises are facing the field of royalties paid by the audio, including Dolby, DTS audio technologies including the company has pledged to sue my company refused to pay royalties. Patent

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insurmountable threshold However, things are not as simple as displayed on the surface. Chinese enterprises are facing more than just pay the patent fees, number of foreign patent organizations, see no light means let China Enterprises helpless.

After the incident, users have a lively discussion. For the incident, only 34% of users believe that China’s mp3 manufacturers do not pay royalties as required, while 62% of users believe that Chinese manufacturers had been unfair to international status.

Detained vendor statement confirmed speculation that Internet users. Huaqi issued a statement saying it was a misunderstanding, Huaqi has been paid in the patent. Mai, Shenzhen, digital music company, said the company has been and Sisvel to communicate with, such a bad result on deep regret, but Newman is president of Don did not feel helpless and angry German, he said, Newman has been paid royalties through the foundries, Sisvel have to join the patent, but has been Sisvel company refused.

Tang did not, said the face of the patent Mp3 threshold, many domestic manufacturers that are willing to pay patent fees to Sisvel, Sisvel has assumed an arrogant attitude often refused, and to the international exhibition, Sisvel but held immediately patent from the stick, to strike hard raids. Mai, Shenzhen, digital music company statement, the company also confirmed a patent evasive behavior in this regard.

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