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Ndrc: Virtual Appliance Energy Efficiency Labeling Standard Penalty Will Be Refined

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Recently by the National Development and Reform Commission, Central Information Secretary, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine measures and the Certification and Accreditation Division

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Management Board Certification Supervision Department co-sponsored the “focus on energy efficiency, create conservation society” as the theme of energy efficiency

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Logo Annual Conference of the two sides, the Chinese Institute of Standardization Institute of Environment and Resources Li Aixian released energy-efficiency labeling management center in late 2006 organized a special energy-efficiency labeling market test results.

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2006 year, by the State Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Quality Supervision commissioned the Chinese Institute of Standardization energy efficiency labeling management center organized a special inspection of energy efficiency labeling market. The checks in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hefei major appliance stores in three cities, and home appliances distribution market started to take to the market to buy samples of random way, involving a total of 38 enterprises in 54 samples (22 sets of

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Air conditioning 21 Taiwan Refrigerator 11 Taipower freezer). The inspection found no paste is not energy-efficiency labeling of products, the overall pass rate of 79.6%. Air conditioning products which pass rate of 90.9%, 76.2% pass rate refrigerators, electric freezers product qualification rate was 54.5%. Regional distribution of household electrical appliances market, a relatively serious problem, with a pass rate was 50%.

Sample, the three types of products are found in conditions of virtual standard energy efficiency rating, and some products can not achieve efficiency level even national mandatory energy efficiency standards for market access requirements.

Liu Fu Chinese home appliance Association

held that, to guarantee efficiency labeling of fairness, justice and authority in the industry to strengthen self-discipline, the Government to strengthen supervision, also need not be disclosed in public opinion about any interest. For the sample of unqualified products to be mercilessly exposed and firmly to clear out of the market.

Central Information Secretary, the State Development and Reform Commission, pointed out He Bingguang, energy efficiency labeling management center should more closely with industry associations,

Consumption Associations and business relationships, commitment to the establishment of effective quality supervision and reporting mechanisms and flow channels to enhance energy efficiency in the implementation of effective identification check at the same time, to further refine the penalties for violations.

According to an energy efficiency labeling

director Wang Ruohong said, as of March 2007, a total of 223 air conditioners and refrigerators companies to submit registration documents. There are 156

Washing machine And 24 unit-type air conditioner manufacturer materials submitted for the record, and the market, most of the electric washing machine and cell-type air conditioner energy efficiency products have pasted the logo. In the future will have more products under the Energy Efficiency Labeling System of scope. Start now

Gas Water Heater , Induction cooker, Water Heater Small and Medium 3

Motor , Distribution Transformer , Inverter air conditioner, multi-type air conditioners,

Chiller Group, lighting equipment, light Passenger Cars

And many other end-use products, energy-efficiency labeling scheme for the implementation and choose the conditions are included in the energy efficiency of products identified implementing directory, put into practice as soon as possible.

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