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Number 1 – Discover the Niche For You

The first step is to find a niche. What is a niche? A niche is a certain segment of the population where you intend to concentrate your efforts. Its important to find a niche that is up and coming. Its going to be incredibly popular and the buzz is high. You want to market a popular product or service. Why? Well because you want mad traffic to you site.

Then you need to see your competitors. What is everyone else doing and how are they doing it? Sure thats a broad question but think about it for a second. If someone is making good money in a niche, then maybe you should find out what their doing and replicate it.

Perhaps your niche has fanatics. What’s a fanatic? It’s someone who is so excited about a certain topic that they will spend their time and money on information about it.

First, lets take a few things into consideration:

* Perhaps you havent heard of me, but I’m Connor Bringas. I am a business developer at Underground Elephant.
* How did you get to my blog? Through social media sites? Through google?
* To market in your niche you need to know about search engine optimization. Creating a good website is one thing, but marketing it is a whole different ball game.
* Social bookmarking, article submission, website submission, blog submission, social media sites, forum posting, blog posting, and much more is what you need to be doing to become popular in your niche.

Number 2 – Determine the financial feasibility

Now that you know all about getting into a niche, and marketing to one, you need to find out your budget.

OK, how do we figure that out?

* Find out if there are blogs or forums related to your niche like I discussed previously.
* Search Amazon, Google shopping and eBay to see if people are creating and selling products in the niche.
* Watch Google Adwords for a period of time and look for ads the run again and again.

Adwords are expensive, but if people are running campaigns over and over they must be making money in that niche right?
* Like I stated previously, find your competitors!

Number 3 Finding an Affiliate Network

Everyone claims to be “the best affiliate network” , but who actually is?

* You need to know the payouts.
* Talk to other affiliates about their network
* Find out credible information about their company

Dont just read some random articles about an affiliate network and join them just because they wrote about themselves. Find some good information and hopefully you will find a good affiliate network. Underground Elephant isnt the best affiliate network, but we treat our affiliates great. We care about their success and we will work with you every step of the way. We know affiliate marketing. We have a great AM, Boone Riddle, who takes care of each and every affiliate.

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