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Becoming a reseller of web services has emerged as an interesting business proposition for young entrepreneurs. This is an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the web industry. As the demand for setting up an online presence is continuously on the rise, becoming a reseller of web services is not a bad option for an entrepreneur. One of the biggest advantages of becoming a reseller of web services is that it does not need any expertise. The two most prominent and talked about reseller businesses are Reseller Hosting and Domain Reseller. Neither these businesses require the reseller to invest huge amount of capital, nor does it require them to have any technical knowledge. So let us discuss in detail about both of them.

Domain Reseller is a party accredited by a domain registration company to resell domain names. Reselling domain names is small reselling business in itself. This business is an economical way of entering domain names market. Most domain name resellers are web designing companies that have incorporated domain names in the offering so that their clients do not have to go some other party to get a domain name. Any company or an individual can become a reseller of domain names. After becoming a reseller, he can to resell domain names to those individuals who require them. A reseller usually makes a profit by margins on the prices which he has already paid to the main registrar to acquire domain names. To start this business a reseller has to locate an ICANN accredited domain registrar that offers reseller plans.

Reseller Web Hosting is also among the most popular reseller businesses.

By becoming a reseller of web hosting services you can offer hosting services to your own clients. The reseller basically buys web hosting space in wholesale from a web host and later resells them to its own customers for a profit. In this business a reseller gets a dedicated amount of space on a server. A reseller merely acts as an interface between the end-user and the main service provider, as the reseller passes on the difficult technical task of customer service to the main web host. Another advantage of his business is that a reseller can go ahead and provide web hosting services under his own branding. To become Reseller Hosting provider a reseller basically needs to find a web host that offers reseller plans.

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