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Pitch page creation for selling your product in Clickbank


About 90 percent of sellers in Clickbank do not succeed in their venture. This is mainly because of poor products or because of poor marketing. When it comes to poor products, there is very little to worry about. But when it comes to marketing, it is really essential to have a good Pitch page to present your product in the most desirable way. There are plenty of products which go in vain because of poor Pitch pages.

If you’re a ClickBank vendor and have an ebook, subscription service,  software or other downloadable product to sell, you’ll need a Pitch Page and Thank You Page.And we built PitchMagic™ to do one thing – make it simple for you to create the perfect Pitch Page and Thank You Page.  No HTML coding needed! Just drag and dropheadlines, testimonials, bullet lists, images, video & more.

Before we move any further., What is a pitch page and why is it essential for you as a vendor? Answer is pretty simple.! Pitch Pages are special one-page websites that have been proven effective for selling downloadable products such as eBook’s, subscription products, spreadsheets, and software programs. An effective pitch page is very essential for your product campaign.

I had launched couple of products but was not successful in the beginning because of poor quality of pitch pages. After doing a lot of research, I came across Pitch Magic which is the only vendor recommended by Clickbank itself for creating a Pitch page that would comply to all the policies of Clickbank. I did see a difference in the sales after starting to use Pitch Magic.

The beauty of Pitch Magic is the drag and drop features to build a page. It was easy as a pie. In less than an hour, a fully loaded pitch page was ready. Thanks to the easy design and layout of the product. I highly recommend all new Clickbank vendors to try Pitchmagiceo  once and see the huge difference it makes to your sales.

Why PitchMage?? PitchMagic is the only one-stop source to get everything you need for your Pitch Page. PitchMagic provides hosting, design, and content recommendations. With PitchMagic you’ll get started for less money and you’ll be selling sooner. PitchMagic is completely integrated with ClickBank so you can be ready to sell in less than one hour.

The only problem I feel is their limitation to the number of products you can sell per month. You are given only 10 GB of bandwidth which translates to 10,000 times if you have a file size of 1 MB as your product. But overall, this is a sure thing to try for pitch page creations.

I am a relatively new internet marketer but have learnt a lot from multiple products in the market.. I’ve learnt a lesson that nothing would work in the world of internet marketing until you have a proper support and a team to back up..

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